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How To Get Sodium Nitrate in No Man’s Sky

Sodium Nitrate is one of the essential resources in No Man's Sky that has various benefits. Therefore, why not check out our guide to easily farm Sodium Nitrate?
How To Get Sodium Nitrate in No Man’s Sky
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Sodium nitrate is a useful resource in No Man’s Sky that can help you survive the harsh environments of the planets. As a result, you'll need to find it as soon as you start the game. To do that, you need to collect sodium, a yellow element that can be found in plants or crystals.

But how do you get sodium nitrate, a more efficient and valuable form of sodium? If you're also struggling to find this resource, we have some tips to help you out.

Where to Find Sodium Nitrate in No Man's Sky

When you start the game, you will find yourself near a crashed spaceship with a damaged scanner. The scanner is a device that allows you to scan your surroundings and identify different resources and objects.

Repair your scanner

Repairing Scanner in No Man's Sky
Repairing Scanner in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

Your scanner lets you find resources and objects on the planet. You need ferrite dust to fix it, which you can mine from rocks with your multi-tool. Your multi-tool is a tool that can mine, fight, and more. It uses carbon as fuel, which you can get from plants or trees.

To repair your scanner, collect ferrite dust from rocks and use it in your inventory. Then, use your scanner by pressing C. The scanner will show you nearby resources and objects on your HUD.

Find sodium sources

You can obtain Sodium from Plants in No Man's Sky
You can obtain Sodium from Plants in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

Sodium is a yellow element that you need to recharge your hazard suit protection. You can get sodium from plants or crystals. Plants are easier and more common, but give less sodium. Crystals are harder and rarer, but give more sodium. You can also find sodium in some containers or buildings.

To mine sodium from plants or crystals, use your mining beam on them until they break. Be careful not to overheat your mining beam or annoy the sentinels, which are robots that enforce rules on the planet.

Convert sodium into sodium nitrate

Converting sodium into sodium nitrate
Converting sodium into sodium nitrate. (Picture: Hello Games)

The portable refiner has two slots: an input slot and an output slot. To convert sodium into sodium nitrate, place some sodium in the input slot and some carbon in the fuel slot. Carbon is used to power the portable refiner and can be obtained from plants or trees with your multi-tool.

Then, start the refining process by pressing the start button on the interface. Depending on how much you put in, the portable refiner will take some time to convert the sodium into sodium nitrate. You can see the progress bar on the interface or on the side of the device.

When the refining process is done, take the sodium nitrate from the output slot and put it in your inventory. You can also take the carbon from the fuel slot if there is any left. You can then use the sodium nitrate to recharge your hazard suit protection or store it for later use.

You can also pick up the portable refiner and take it by holding the E key on your keyboard while looking at it. This will return the portable refiner to your inventory, along with any materials left in it.

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