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Where To Find & Use Amethyst Starstones In Palia

Known for its purple hue and protective qualities, the Amethyst Starstone in Palia calls for those who appreciate beauty and are diplomatic.
Where To Find & Use Amethyst Starstones In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Following the release of the v0.172 patch update, players have made their journeys in seeking out these Starstones across Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. Each Starstone has its associated rarity, which determines how or low their drop rates will be along with their corresponding constellation or Star Path.

The Amethyst Starstone is one of a few Epic rarity items that is only found in one region, and a specific type of node contains Palium ores. Those who admire beauty will want to learn how to find and use the Amethyst Starstones in Palia.

Where To Find Amethyst Starstones In Palia?

Often associated with spiritual protection, intuition, and balanced emotions, the Amethyst takes on a different meaning, although similar in the form of the Amethyst Starstone in Palia. This specific Starstone often represents tactfulness and beauty; it’s no wonder it was chosen to represent “The Aristocrat” Star Path.

palia resources guide starstones amethyst how where to find bahari bay palium nodes ore compass
Activate the Ore Compass to learn of the locations of all rare nodes where players should find Palium ores and Amethyst Starstones. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Nevertheless, as this Starstone is classified as an Epic or Very Rare Starstone, its drop rate is extremely low as it can only be dropped from Palium nodes. These types of nodes are exclusive to Bahari Bay, with some of its notable mining spots, including the Flooded Fortress, Proudhorn Pass, and the mine at Beachcomber Cove, which we advise using the Stables board to fast travel to either location.

Another suggestion is to utilize the Ore Compass, the recipe for which can be acquired from Hodari’s Mining Guild Store for 2,500 Gold. This device, when used, will track rare mining nodes for 15 minutes, which should help players locate these nodes promptly and hope an Amethyst Starstone will drop when mined.

How To Use Amethyst Starstones In Palia?

Despite how rare their drops are, fortunate players who’ve successfully acquired a few Amethyst Starstones can begin using them however they please. Currently, there are two ways these rare Starstones can be best utilized, with the first being to sell them off.

palia resources guide starstones amethyst how to use inventory selling shipping bin gifting villagers friends
Don't forget that the Amethyst Starstones can be found within their Inventory, which they can gift to friends and Villagers alike. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Amethyst Starstones fetch a massive price if sold through the Shipping Bin, which is in front of their Housing plot, as it will give them 3,000 Gold for each Amethyst Starstone sold. This can significantly boost their Gold funds, contributing to further investing in their Housing plot and acquiring rare tool upgrades and furniture pieces.

Gifting Amethyst Starstones is another way these can be used, and it has two unique gifting options for players. The first is gifting them to friends, community members, and other players who have requested this rare Starstone by visiting the Requests tab from the Socials menu, accessed by hitting the O key.

Lastly, they can be given to Villagers who are aligned with “The Aristocrat” Star Path as they often possess qualities such as Diplomacy and great Beauty like Kenyatta and Tamala. Be advised when gifting Starstones to Villagers in general as they can only gift one Starstone each week before it resets every Sunday at 4 am UTC.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch this Holiday Season 2023.