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How To Solve The Lost Wisdom Puzzle In Palia

Another Phoenix statue can be found in Bahari Bay, but it tells tales of those who've lost their wisdom, so here's how to solve the puzzle in Palia.
How To Solve The Lost Wisdom Puzzle In Palia
The large Phoenix statue inside the Flooded Fortress. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Flooded Fortress holds many great mysteries; however, its high stone walls and destroyed bridges make it difficult for players to access the main building. It does take some patience, plenty of climbing, and your trusted glider to traverse across the ruins to finally land on the steps of the fortress.

Players can explore the exterior and interiors of the Flooded Fortress, where they’ll discover a large Phoenix statue and an altar nearby, but what mystery does it hold? Players who are looking to investigate the mystery behind the Phoenix statue, here’s how to solve the Lost Wisdom puzzle in Palia.

Palia Lost Wisdom: How To Solve Phoenix Altar Puzzle

Players may have discovered a Phoenix statue at the Phoenix Falls location reasonably early in the game while completing the Ancient Battery quest with Jina. But there’s another Phoenix statue to be found in Bahari Bay, especially when exploring the interior of the Flooded Fortress, which players will need to access the area from the northern side from The Outskirts fast travel point.

plaia quest guide lost wisdom how to solve phoenix altar puzzle flooded fortress
Players will need to light all four candles by locating the four smaller Phoenix statues to solve the puzzle. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After traversing the cliffs to glide onto the broken bridge, gliding once again to reach the fortress, you can take the right pathway and follow the stairs to find the Phoenix statue. Across the statue is an altar with an inscription and four candles placed on the altar, each bearing a clue to the wisdom lost at various locations.

While the locations are vague, using their clues should help you locate where to find four statues throughout Bahari Bay. Once each statue is discovered, a candle on the altar will light up, for which a surprise will appear at the Phoenix statue once all four statues are found.

We’ve provided the clues and locations where players can find the statues to solve the Lost Wisdom Phoenix puzzle in Palia:

  • Lost Wisdom Clue #1: “My wisdom was lost in the earth.”
    • Location: Locate the geyser east of the Central Stables fast travel point
  • Lost Wisdom Clue #2: “My wisdom was lost in the ruins.”
    • Location: Head to the clearing between the Hideaway Bluffs and Windy Ruins and locate a collapsed wall where the statue can be seen.
  • Lost Wisdom Clue #3: “My wisdom was lost in the sea.”
    • Location: From the Beachcomber Cove fast travel point, head southeast towards the beach and look for a pile of rocks to find the statue.
  • Lost Wisdom Clue #4: “My wisdom was lost in the stars.”
    • Location: This statue is found atop a cliff overlooking Tamala’s home north of The Outskirts fast travel point.

Once all the statues have been located, interact with them to learn of the fate of their wisdom, and a candle will light up on the altar, with all four needed to complete this puzzle. Return to the main Phoenix statue inside the Flooded Fortress, where you’ll find a blessing in the form of a treasure chest and the Rose Madder tile floor decoration for your home.