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Where To Get The Ancient Rock Garden In Palia?

Be greeted by a fabled Palian creature when placing the Ancient Rock Garden on your plot, as we explain how to obtain this furnishing in Palia.
Where To Get The Ancient Rock Garden In Palia?
The legendary Kitsuu will appear atoop a pedestal of the Ancient Rock Garden in Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

The Temple of the Flames is a brand-new temple location included in the latest patch update for Palia. This temple, which can be discovered during its first related quest, will have another vault for players to find, and once they complete the bundles, they can receive a magical reward, the Ancient Rock Garden.

If you want to get your hands on the brand-new furnishing item, you must traverse the Temple of the Flames to locate its vault and the contents hidden within. This fiery guide will explain how players can get the Ancient Rock Garden furnishing item and discover a secret visitor when placed on your plot in Palia.

How To Get The Ancient Rock Garden In Palia?

Developer Singularity 6 outlined in their recent patch notes for the v0.168 update that a few new quests were added to the game, which is connected with the new location, Temple of the Flames. After completing the two adjacent quests, Plumehound Pilgrimage and A Catalyzing Caper, Sifuu, Hassian, Tau, and the player have discovered another mural similar to the one in the Night Sky Temple.

After interacting with the stone device nearby, you'll access this temple's vault with four more bundles to complete: Brightbug, Emberseeker's, Flamerod, and the Sear-Chef bundles. Like the bundles found at the Night Sky Temple vault, each bundle has its unique requirements, which tasks you with exploring Kilima Village and Bahari Bay to locate and collect resource.

Additionally, some bundles will call for specific dishes to be prepped and cooked before being added to each bundle. It's important to iterate that to access this temple's vault, you will need to have completed the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest to trigger the following quest, A Catalyzing Caper, as you will need to have fixed the Ancient Battery using Flowstones, which many players have reported being bugged when attempting to collect one Flowstone inside Pavel Mines.

palia items guide ancient rock garden where to get how to get completing quest a catalyzing caper temple of the flames
Players must complete the Temple of the Flames bundles within its vault to receive the Ancient Rock Garden reward. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Once the bundles have been completed, they will receive a brand new furnishing item to display on their housing plot proudly. The Ancient Rock Garden is a Rare type of furnishing that, once placed on your housing plot, a surprise visitor, the legendary Kitsuu, will appear on the stone's pedestal.

What makes this furnishing one of the best to acquire in-game is that players can interact once daily with the stone pedestal to offer a gift to the Kitsuu for which players can receive a reward. As we cannot confirm what rewards can be gifted from the Kitsuu, we know that this interaction resets daily at 9 pm PT / 12 am ET / 4 am UTC.

Nevertheless, it's worth pointing out that Kitsuus are generally shy creatures, not accustomed to human interactions besides the player. Additionally, the appearance of the Kitsuu at the Ancient Rock Garden won't be classified as a pet; however, we do know that the developer will be adding more pets to Palia in the future following the launch of four Palcats via the Premium Store in August 2023.