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Palia: How To Get & Use The Baharricenia Flower Seeds

New flowers have arrived, including a trumpet or coral-shaped flower, the Baharricenia. Learn how to get the Baharricenia flower seeds in Palia.
Palia: How To Get & Use The Baharricenia Flower Seeds
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Developer Singularity 6 has released its latest patch update for Nintendo Switch and PC, which continues themes of rejuvenation, joyfulness, and love with its Spring season. The 0.179 patch update added more spring-themed content and new gameplay features to add a spring to Palians' steps, including more flower species.

This time, these new flowers can be acquired in Bahari Bay, with the Baharricenia Flower being one such species, but how? Never fear; we have compiled all the important details in this guide to help them get and use the Baharricenia Flower seeds in Palia.

How To Get And Use The Baharricenia Flower Seeds In Palia?

The world of Palia is celebrating the Spring season, which was first ushered in-game in the 0.178 patch, which added a new mechanic, the Flowers and Trees System. This feature was enhanced in the latest game update, the 0.179 patch update in April 2024, which added ten new flower species native to Bahari Bay.

With more flower varieties and the addition of the Courtyard Building Add-on to purchase, Palians will spend more time at home refreshing their Housing Plot. The Baharricenia Flower is one of the new flora added to Palia, as Palians can begin tracking down the source to acquire the seeds.

According to its in-game description, the Baharricenia Flower "grows on beaches in Bahari, digesting young crabs for nutrients." This should give Palians clues on how to acquire the seeds in-game before heading home to plant them.

The Baharricenia Flower seeds are acquired by catching Bahari Crabs at any time of the day along the Bahari Bay coast and at the Flooded Fortress area. As Bahari Carbs tend to spawn more frequently along the coast, bring a Honey Lure and plenty of Smoke Bombs to make catching these encrustations more efficient.

Once enough seeds are added to their Backpack Inventory, they return home, where they can use them primarily for gardening. All flower seeds don't need soil for planting as they can be placed anywhere on the Housing Plot, and watering them will help them grow over two to three days.

Another way they can acquire Baharricenia Flower seeds is by purchasing them from the Bug Catching Guild Store. They must visit Auni during the day to access the Guild Store to get one Baharricenia Flower seed for ten Skill Medals.

Lastly, after planting and watering the Baharricenia Flower seeds, wait for the flowers to bloom, during which time they drop one seed. Fully bloomed flowers can be used to enhance outdoor spaces or brought indoors to decorate rooms and add pops of color.