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New Palia Cinematic Trailer Highlights Game's Magical Lore

Developer Singularity 6 released a new trailer for their upcoming release, Palia, which starts Beta testing with the Closed Beta available on PC.
New Palia Cinematic Trailer Highlights Game's Magical Lore

Singularity 6’s cozy MMO game, Palia, is commencing the start of its first Beta playtesting period for PC beginning on 2nd August 2023. Their Closed Beta is available to select individuals, including content creators and media persons; players still looking to participate can register an account to join the Open Beta on 10th August 2023.

To mark the start of the PC Public Beta, the game’s developer has released a brand new trailer for Palia which will also have a Nintendo Switch release this Holiday Season. Much of this trailer features the Villagers, the in-game characters players will get to meet and befriend and put the spotlight on some of the skills present.

However, this Cinematic Trailer greatly emphasizes the lore, which was previously alluded to during the Gameplay First Look livestream in June 2023. The trailer follows Jina, who is excavating a mysterious artifact when a Chapaa, one of the game’s many creatures, runs away with the artifact into the village.

Below you can watch the official Cinematic Trailer for Singularity 6's cozy MMO, Palia:

As mentioned during the Gameplay First Look livestream, this purple-glowing aura can be first seen in the Character Creation menu as you begin creating and customizing your character. This is connected to the game’s lore, which saw humans seemingly disappear from the world for thousands of years and are now returning.

Your character is one of many humans returning and making a new home in Killima Village; your return may see magic coming back into the world. According to in-game lore, it was believed that humans have an affinity to magic due to how they’ve mastered this art as you look to discover and learn more about this magic and why humans had disappeared.

palia cinematic trailer gameplay lore disappearance humans human race magic
There's a great mystery surrounding the disappearance of humans and the magic they wield, which is explored through the game's story and exploration content. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Players will experience the magical world of Palia and uncover the secrets behind the disappearance of humans and magic in the Closed and Open Beta. According to game director and Singularity 6 co-founder Aidan Karabaich, the team had spent years on the game’s development and Alpha testing to present the game to players finally.

We see our beta period as the next step in a long-term process to create a game where you and your friends can easily play together, forget the stress of everyday life, and just have fun in your own way. We look forward to welcoming players into the cozy world of Palia and working with our awesome community to refine the game during the beta process and beyond.

Palia’s PC Public Beta testing kicks off with the Closed Beta on 2nd August 2023 before the Open Beta, which is open to all, begins on 10th August 2023 at from 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 5 pm UTC. Palia will also be launching on Nintendo Switch as it’s available to Wishlist, with release dates to be confirmed.