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Palia Cross Progression: Can You Carry Over Game Saves

With cross-platform play or crossplay enabled for Palia at launch, will cross-progression be supported and available for players at launch too?
Palia Cross Progression: Can You Carry Over Game Saves

Developer Singularity 6 will start their Closed and Open Betas shortly for PC as players continue registering accounts to join the Beta testing. As the developer anticipates the release of Palia soon for the Nintendo Switch, plenty of supportive features and mechanics will be included in-game, like crossplay and cross-progression.

With Palia coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch, with the latter available to Wishlist, we already know that support for crossplay is available, but can the same be said for cross-progression? We’ve discussed whether cross-progression support will be included for Palia for the Beta and at launch.

Will You Be Able To Carry Over Game Saves For Palia?

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Players can keep and carry over their characters, homes, and more with cross-progression enabled for Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

According to developer Singularity 6, players can retain their gameplay progress saved and carried over starting from the upcoming Closed and Open Beta. These Betas begin on the 2nd and 10 August 2023 for PC, as the developer will no longer be doing server wipes.

This means that your progress during your adventures in Palia during the Closed and Open Beta will be yours to keep and save. This includes progress on your character and home, which will “remain intact” so you can continue exploring Kilima Village after the Beta concludes.

This commitment to allowing players to keep their game progression starting from the Beta lets them commit as much time as possible in-game and have them invested in Palia when starting. Whether maxing out your Friendships with the Villagers, leveling up your skills, exploring every corner of Kilima Village, or falling in love with your dream partner, all this and more is now possible without the server wipes.

As for whether the game supports cross-progression, the developer has confirmed that Palia will support cross-progression between PC and Nintendo Switch at launch. This mechanic lets players play Palia on its supported devices, and continue their gameplay progression, guaranteeing that they’ve used their Palia account logins on all devices for this to work.

We already know that Palia will be supporting crossplay at launch for PC and Nintendo Switch, so with cross-progression being available, you can carry over your progress and character from PC to Switch and vice versa. While the game will be launching on PC and Switch, the developer has noted that they are looking to make the game available on additional platforms post-launch if there’s a demand for them.