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Palia: Where To Find & Use Emerald Starstones

Become green with envy by acquiring Emerald Starstones through mining, which can be sold or gifted to "The Hunter" aligned Villagers in Palia.
Palia: Where To Find & Use Emerald Starstones
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Starstones are available for players to acquire through mining nodes in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. These valuable minerals are obtained from randomized drops should the Dragon and the Phoenix grant them great fortunes to successfully mine them.

Like with Quartz, Emerald Starstones are of a higher rarity but are relatively straightforward to mine for, but it's unclear which nodes and spawning locations are best to mine for Emerald Starstones. Never fear; we’ve compiled this gem of a guide that details where to find Emerald Starstones, the mining nodes, and the best uses in Palia.

Where To Find Emerald Starstones In Palia?

Palia's v0.172 patch update added Starstones to the game, in which there are ten unique Starstones to acquire through exploration. Emerald is one of these Starstones, which ties into the game's lore, specifically in Majiri constellations and astrology, which plays a role in Majiri culture.

palia resources guide starstones merald how where to get mining nodes copper killima village apothecary
We've obtained Emerald Starstones from mining the copper nodes near the Apothecary in Kilima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As with every Starstone available in-game, the Emerald has its correlating Luna Moon sign or Star Path, which is "The Hunter," for those assigned this Path. Those on The Hunter Star Path are believed to be honest, which can either be a blessing or a curse, and have a curious mind.

To acquire Emerald Starstones, players can utilize their Mining skills and locate mining nodes throughout Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. More specifically, after we've mined various nodes, we've learned that Emerald Starstones drop from copper nodes; however, we didn't get Emeralds from larger copper nodes as of writing, but this may change.

The specific locations we successfully mined Emerald Starstones from were copper nodes located around the perimeter of the Mayor's Estate, where the river banks surround the area, and around the Apothecary. We'll continue to update this guide once we've found more locations where players can acquire Emerald Starstones, but popular copper node spawns at the Fisherman's Lagoon and Remembrance Beach can be prioritized.

How To Use Emerald Starstones In Palia?

Developer Singularity 6 has briefly explained in their latest Developer Update post how players can use Starstones in Palia. Akin to previous guides on various Starstones, Emerald Starstones can be sold through the Shipping Bin for 1,000 Gold a piece.

palia resources guide starstones emerald how to use selling shipping bin gifting the hunter star path hassian jina
Hassian and Jina will accept Emerald Starstones as their "Loved Gifts" as they're aligned with "The Hunter" Star Path. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

This depends on whether they wish to part with the Starstone, which is a very Rare rarity item; therefore, its selling price will be pretty high. But the best way of parting with the Emerald Starstone is by gifting it to Villagers with the Starstone's associated Star Path, "The Hunter," in which two Villagers, Hassian and Jina, are aligned.

Those aligned with "The Hunter" Star Path are said to have a demeanor founded on honesty and curiosity, which best describes Hassian and Jina. In contrast, Hassian is a hunter and has a deep appreciation for ecology, which goes against his Path of becoming a blacksmith like his mother, Sifuu, whereas Jina is in constant pursuit to learn about the re-emergence of humans, which, to an extent, makes her a hunter, from an academic perspective.

Therefore, Hassian and Jina will accept Emerald Starstones as gifts when presented to them, which will unlock new dialogue with them. Lastly, once they've given an Emerald Starstone to Hassian or Jina, players will have to wait a week to gift them another Starstone, as it shares the same cooldown period as Weekly Wants in-game.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.