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Where To Find & Use The Wish Upon A Scroll Item In Palia

A mysterious scroll has appeared inside the Apothecary, for which reading it requires players to fulfill the wishes of two Villagers in Palia.
Where To Find & Use The Wish Upon A Scroll Item In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Palia has its fair share of mysteries players can discover through speaking with other Villagers and exploring Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. While some are difficult to find, there are a handful that are found in easy-to-find locations, which the latter can be said for the Wish Upon A Scroll item.

This item is part of a Discovery quest that many can complete by learning more about the scroll’s context to help fulfill a specific wish for two Villagers. If players are still intrigued, learn about the Wish Upon A Scroll item and where to find and use it in Palia.

How To Get The Wish Upon A Scroll Item In Palia?

The Wish Upon A Scroll is an item that players can find and obtain through exploration of Kilima Village. If players have introduced themselves to Chayne and have made several trips to the Apothecary while advancing their Friendship with the Villager, then they should have no problem locating this item in the process.

palia resources guide wish upon a scroll found item how to where to find map location apothecary kilima village a small wish discovery quest
Travel to the Apothecary in Kilima Village to find the Wish Upon A Scroll item to begin the "A Small Wish..." quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

This found item can be discovered inside the Apothecary, located between the Reflection Fields and the Remembrance Garden, where Chayne spends most of his time. Upon collecting the item, this will automatically start its related quest, "A Small Wish…" which players must complete to learn the mystery behind the scroll.

This Discovery quest tasks players with requiring their help regarding Hodari's grill, which Najuma had made some improvements for the sole purpose of grilling delectable cuts of meat. However, the author of the note happens not to be particularly fond of meat and is unable to grant her wish; the note suggests finding someone who may enjoy the meat instead.

The author of the note is Chayne, and because he is a vegetarian, players are to try out the improved grill themselves, but they are to find some meat to test out the grill first. Players must follow the quest objectives by visiting Chayne and Najuma to complete the quest.

How To Use The Wish Upon A Scroll Item In Palia?

palia resources guide wish upon a scroll found item how to where to use a small wish discovery quest
Read the scroll to begin the Discovery quest before speaking to Chayne regarding the inscribed note. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once players have found the scroll inside the Apothecary, they can begin the quest by speaking to Chayne regarding the scroll. Using the scroll's contents, they must use their Hunting skill to track and hunt Sernuk to acquire cuts of Sernuk Meat, which they will bring to Najuma, who can be found exploring Bahari Bay or busy tinkering at the family workshop.

After she has tested the meat on Hodari's improved grill, they consume the deliciously grilled meat before returning to Chayne, either walking around Kilima Village or at the Apothecary to complete the quest. In doing so, they'll be rewarded with ten Renown and receive a post-quest letter from Hodari regarding the grill in which they can get an Iron Bar for their assistance.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch, releasing Holiday Season 2023.