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Palia: How To Get & Use The Grimalkintail Flower Seeds

With tall, spire-looking petals, the Grimalkintail Flower adds some structure to gardens, so here's how to get Grimalkintail Flower seeds in Palia.
Palia: How To Get & Use The Grimalkintail Flower Seeds
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

With an array of flora present throughout Kilima Village and Bahari Bay, Palians haven't been able to grow their flowers on the Housing Plot since its Open Beta release. Following the launch of the v0.178 patch update, this has been made possible with a new in-game mechanic and ten flower species available, including the Grimalkintail Flowers.

These tall, spire-shaped flowers can definitely draw some attention by adding some height and structure to their gardens. In this guide, we've detailed how they can get and best use Grimalkintail Flower seeds in Palia.

How To Get And Use The Grimalkintail Flower Seeds In Palia?

Common Field Crickets can be found at these specific locations in Kilima Village at any time of the day. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Akin to the Chapaatail Flower, the Grimalkintail Flower is not the actual tail of a Grimalkin, or else they'll find themselves kicked out of Zeki's General Store. The Grimalkintail Flower is one of the ten flower species added to Palia in the v0.178 patch update and is associated with the Flowers and Trees System.

This in-game mechanic allows Palians to grow and nurture various flora and tree species native to Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. They can achieve this by acquiring the seeds before planting them in the ground, as no planting soil is required before watering the plants for three days before they fully bloom.

Speaking of acquiring seeds, there are three confirmed methods by which Palians can get Grimalkintail Flower seeds in-game. The first and most effective way is to engage in Bug Catching by locating Common Field Crickets at Kilima Fields, specifically around Chapaa Crossing, Maji's Hollow, Whispering Banks, and near the Daiya Family Farm in Leafhopper Hills.

Grab a couple of Smoke Bombs to use when catching Common Field Crickets. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Remember to have a couple of Smoke Bombs in hand to catch the crickets, as there's a chance Grimalkintail Flower seeds will drop. The second method is to purchase Grimalkintail Flower seeds from Auni by accessing his Bug Catching Guild Store for ten Skill Medals per seed.

The final method is to wait for the Grimalkintail Flower seed to fully bloom after three days by watering the saplings. Once they have bloomed, they can harvest the flower to gain one Grimalkintail Flower seed, which can be used to grow a Grimalkintail Flower.

As for using Grimalkintail Flowers, Palians can use this flower and others to create beautiful gardens to enhance their outdoor spaces further. It can also be placed indoors, and lastly, they can gift Grimalkintail Flowers to Nai'o and Tish to increase Friendship levels with these Villagers.