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Where To Get & Use Iron Ores And Bars In Palia

Durable, in-demand, and hard to find, Iron Ores are used in making furniture, crafting stations, and Iron Bars, so how can you get them in Palia?
Where To Get & Use Iron Ores And Bars In Palia

Once players start exploring the unique environments of Bahari Bay, you’ll come to learn of the plethora of resources on hand for them to fish, forage, and mine. Of all the resources you can harvest in Bahari Bay, Iron is perhaps one of the many you can mine from nodes across this area.

Nevertheless, Iron can be slightly hard to find and pretty frustrating if you’re unfamiliar with the landscapes, but we have you covered. If you require some Iron Ores for crafting, we’ve detailed the best mining locations and how to use Iron Ores in Palia.

How To Get & Use Iron Ores In Palia?

If you’re looking to improve the strength and durability of your tools, craft higher-graded crafting stations and furniture pieces, then you’ll be on the hunt to acquire rarer resources such as Iron Ores. Unlike copper, which can be found throughout Kilima Village, Iron Ore is exclusively found in Bahari Bay, with plenty of mine shafts scattered throughout.

palia resources guide iron ores how to get how to find nodes
Head to Bahari Bay and locate Pavel Mines, Hideaway Bluffs, and Pulsewater Plains, where a few Iron nodes spawn. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Unlike copper, which has common spawning locations, Iron Ores are a little harder to specify; however, luckily, Iron Ore nodes tend to spawn relatively quickly, which is something to keep in mind. Nevertheless, based on the explorations in-game, Iron Ore nodes were discovered along the cliffs in Pulsewater Plains, particularly the eastern cliffs.

A couple of nodes were also discovered along the smaller cliffs in Hideaway Bluffs, where you can receive around one to three Iron Ores. However, larger nodes were discovered near the entrance to Pavel Mines, mainly if you follow the path from Hodari’s home and follow it around the mine’s exterior.

There wasn’t any to be discovered inside the mine, but when at Pavel Mines, walk across the wooden bridge to the opposite side where there is at least one medium-sized node to be found. With the ores collected, you can safely head back home to begin refining the ores into bars but do keep a few on hand as it’s required for the Mine Mystery quest.

How To Get & Use Iron Bars In Palia?

palia resources guide iron ores how to get how to use iron ores iron bars basic smelter
You can harvest Iron Ores from nodes using a Standard Pick before placing them inside the Basic Smelter to refine into Iron Bars. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

While Iron Ores can be tricky to locate and mine, refining them into Iron Bars is relatively straightforward. However, you are to meet a few prerequisites, including reaching Mining Level 2 to obtain the Basic Smelter recipe and Level 4 to acquire the recipe for Iron Bar.

From there, you need to have enough Iron Ores to be smelted into bars, for which five ores can create one Iron Bar. You can also buy Iron Bars from Sifuu for 170 Gold at her forge in Kilima Village or at Ormuu’s Horn Inn at night.

As for its uses, iron Bars are mainly used in crafting upgraded crafting stations like the Glow Worm Farm, Heavy Sawmill, and Smelter. Additionally, several furniture pieces from the Industrial, Midcentury Modern, and Ravenwood furniture sets require Iron Bars to craft various items, so do view the crafting requirements when accessing the recipes from the Worktable.