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Palia It Takes A Village - Elouisa Quest Guide And Walkthrough

After helping Caleri find food for Silverwing hatchlings, find the Ancient Flowbug to power the puzzle in Palia's It Takes a Village - Elouisa quest.
Palia It Takes A Village - Elouisa Quest Guide And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

With the Temple of the Gales now unlocked, players can begin their investigations into this temple and learn more about the fabled Silverwings and their connections to humans. During one of the temple quests, they can receive three new subquests to help Zeki, Caleri, and Elouisa solve a puzzle, which can help Elouisa find a Flow energy source in It Takes A Village - Elouisa quest.

It's not only Ancient Cloudminnow and Silverwings that can be found within the Temple of the Gales as they'll learn of a new creature, the Ancient Flowbug, that may help them solve the puzzle. Work together and help Elouisa find the Ancient Flowbugs as we've detailed how to complete the It Takes A Village - Elouisa quest for Palia.

Palia It Takes A Village: Elouisa Quest Objectives List

It Takes a Village is a subquest players can receive during the Silver-winging It! quest, which takes place within the Temple of the Gales. Players are to speak with Zeki, Caleri, and Elouisa to receive three associated quests in which they'll help the trio solve the main puzzle to reach the island across from the Main Island.

palia quest guide it takes a village elouisa quest objectives activate flow gate
Don't forget to activate the Flow Gates during the It Takes a Village - Elouisa quest to move her away from the Main Island's Flow Gate. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

For the It Takes a Village - Elouisa quest, they must help Elouisa find a rare type of Flow-infused bug, the Ancient Flowbug, that supposedly developed a "psychic link" with the Silverwings using pure Flow energy. To help Elouisa find and collect the Ancient Flowbugs needed to solve this puzzle, let's look at all the quest objectives for the It Takes a Village - Elouisa quest in Palia:

  • Activate the island's Flow Gate
    • Return to Elouisa
  • 0/6 Ancient Flowbug
    • Return to Elouisa

How To Complete The It Takes A Village - Elouisa Quest In Palia?

After activating the Flow Gate on the Main Island and speaking to Caleri and Zeki to trigger the It Takes a Village subquest series, they can chat with Elouisa, which starts her subquest. She'll inform players that the Ancient Flowbugs were revered for being pure sources of Flow energy, which powered the puzzle on the Main Island and was even believed to be a heat source for cooking, but this has yet to be verified.

As she requests players to find Ancient Flowbugs and return with six bugs, they must explore the Main Island to locate these long-lost ancient critters. There are a few locations where the Ancient Flowbug spawns, and luckily for players, they can remain in one place to catch them all as they spawn pretty fast, as long as they have enough Standard Smoke Bombs on hand.

Players may have discovered the best and closest location to find Ancient Flowbugs if they had completed the It Takes a Village - Zeki quest first, but if not, this location will help them find a Silverwing Egg. After speaking with Elouisa at the Main Island Flow Gate, head east/right from her site, past a Juniper tree towards a small platform where a Flow Gate near a vine-covered pillar can be unlocked.

palia quest guide it takes a village elouisa how to complete ancient flowbugs how to where to find
After much gliding and climbing, players will be able to find and catch Ancient Flowbugs for the It Takes a Village - Elouisa quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Climb up the vines, glide across to reach the grate before making their way down the walk bridge and glide to reach an air vent. Head upwards on the vent using the air current and their glider before attaching themselves to vines overhanging a platform and using another air vent to glide to the next platform.

From here, they can deploy their glider again, heading towards a broken bridge first, then a vine-covered pillar before using the air current to glide to the next pillar and the three air currents afterward. They'll find two grates opposite each other on the ridge of a cliff and use the one to their right to reach the top of the platform to peer around the corner where they'll find a Warm Silverwing Egg; however, walking across the bean here, is another grate going up.

Once at the top, they go slightly to their left and walk along the platform's edge, where they can activate a Flow Gate, which brings Elouisa to this location where they have a quick chat for her to give them ten Standard Smoke Bombs before continuing. Locate another grate slightly behind Elouisa, climb up, and glide to a small alcove where another Warm Silverwing Egg can be found before reaching the next platform. To their left is a small platform with a large Juniper tree where gliding across will lead them to the location where Ancient Flowbugs can be found.

As they spawn relatively quickly, they'll be able to catch all six bugs needed to complete the subquest and return to Elouisa at the Flow Gate. Completing this will award players five Renown and help them further progress in solving the Main Island puzzle at the Temple of the Gales.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.