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Palia Silver-winging It! Quest Guide And Walkthrough

After players have helped Zeki get a Flow-infused battery, they’ll need to find the Temple of the Games for the Silver-winging It Quest in Palia.
Palia Silver-winging It! Quest Guide And Walkthrough
(PIcture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The recent v0.175 patch update added the next elemental temple for players to begin their investigations once found. The Temple of the Gales will be unlocked once players have completed the first quest in its series, Look to the Sky, which will trigger the next quest, Silver-winging It!

Once they’ve met up with Zeki inside the temple’s chamber, they’ll need to find a way to repair a Flow Gate and gain access to the temple’s Main Island. Before the temple leaves players breathless, we’ve explained how to complete the Silver-winging It! quest to help them fix the Flow Gate and reach the Main Island in Palia.

Palia Silver-winging It! Quest Objectives List

After successfully pulling off a heist of the century to help Zeki retrieve a Flow-infused battery taken from him by Eshe, unfortunately, he doesn’t give them the battery by the quest’s conclusion. Instead, he used the battery to unlock the main temple door to the Temple of the Gales, which is how the next quest, Silver-winging It!, begins.

Players will be tasked with exploring the temple to search for any clues and answers on the mysterious Silverwings with the assistance of Caleri and Elouisa. Before we wing it and glide off to a distance, let’s look at all the quest objectives and a detailed guide on completing the Silver-winging It! Quest for Palia:

  • Meet Zeki in the mysterious Temple
  • Fix the Flow Gate
  • Activate the Flow Gate
  • Solve the door puzzle
  • Explore the temple
  • Activate the Main Island’s Flow Gate
  • Talk with Zeki
  • Talk with Caleri and Elouisa
  • Talk with Zeki

How To Complete The 'Silver-winging It!' Quest In Palia

Silver-winging It! is the second quest in the Temple of the Gales questline, which will be given to players once they complete the Look to the Sky quest. With no Flow-infused battery on hand, Zeki asks that they meet him at the mysterious temple, the Temple of the Gales, which can be found slightly southwest of the Beachcomber Cove Fast Travel Stable Board.

The door will be open, and they can head inside and find Caleri and Elouisa in the corridor, which, speaking to either of them, will give them the Proof of Magic quest. Continue down the corridor, and they’ll find Zeki near a strange platform, which they can speak with to learn how to activate it and receive the Special Donations quest.

palia quest guide silver-winging it how to complete fix flow gate zeki special donations quest
Before repairing the first Flow Gate inside the Temple of the Gales, players can receive the Special Donations quest from Zeki. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

During their conversation with Zeki, they learn that Zeki had found a Flow Gate, which was broken by someone who didn’t want the temple to be found. However, as this Flow Gate was destroyed, it too can only be activated by a human, which summons the Flow Gate nearby. 

Once activated, step through the Flow Gate, and they’ll be transported to a room with a large locked door and four strange eggs. After speaking to Zeki, players must solve the door puzzle by talking to Caleri and Elouisa, who can provide clues about which eggs to place in the nest and in which order.

They can encourage both siblings to work together and not against each other throughout their exploration of the temple, but before moving to the next room, read the tablet found here. The corridor leading into the chamber will provide an air vent, which they can use a glider to ride the air currents to the Main Island.

palia quest guide silver-winging it how to complete activate main island flow gate
After reaching the Main Island, a strange yet large nest can be found, but to what purpose does it serve? (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Players will find a rather sizable nest and a random egg nearby, confirmed to be a Warm Sliverwing Egg. This item is required to unlock another Flow Gate on the Main Island, which can be done by placing the egg within the center of the nearby platform for the Flow Gate to appear with Caleri, Elouisa, and Zeki stepping through the gate.

Once everyone has arrived on the Main Island, players can speak to Zeki, who appears to be distressed after being teleported near a cliff. Nevertheless, they can inquire about the nest found here, which they can learn more about when talking to Caleri and Elouisa.

In doing so, players will receive the It Takes a Village - Caleri, and It Takes a Village - Elouisa, which further explores the mystery of the Silverwings. Return to Zeki to fill him in on a plan to solve the Silverwing Nest puzzle, which completes the Silver-winging It! Quest as they’ll receive the It Takes a Village - Zeki quest.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.