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How To Get The Kneel Emote In Palia

Using this emote may risk players getting an arrow to the knee, so here’s how to get the latest emote, the Kneel, in this guide for Palia.
How To Get The Kneel Emote In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6)

Palia's latest game update, patch version 0.169, has added the second post-launch emote, the Kneel, which developer Singularity 6 has mentioned in their developer update post. Following the Sit emote, players can take a short break or profess their love by kneeling on one knee, but watch out for pesky arrows.

Naturally, players wanting to acquire this emote will be happy to learn it's available for all players. As such, we've provided a detailed guide on how to get and equip the Kneel emote to the Emote Wheel in Palia.

How To Acquire The Kneel Emote In Palia?

palia features guide emotes how to get kneel emote in-game demonstration housing plot
The latest game update for Palia added a brand-new emote, the Kneel emote. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Kneel emote is the second in-game action players can acquire in Palia, which arrived in the latest patch update, version 0.169. This emote arrived in-game after the developer added the Sit emote in the 0.167 patch update in August 2023, as many players used this emote for many in-game photos utilizing the game’s Photo Mode.

As such, players can start getting this emote and using it in-game, whether to remark at the sight of a stunning sunset or for more romantic inclinations. Whatever its purpose, players are required to update their current game files to reflect the 0.169 update, and you can acquire this jointly emote.

Much like the Sit emote, getting the Knee emote is available for free to all players and can be found by accessing the Collections tab in-game. Push down the “P” key on your keyboard to bring up the Character menu, and click on the Collections tab, which is the card icon at the top right of the menu screen.

palia features guide emotes how to get where to find kneel emote collections
Players can find the Kneel emote within the Collections tab in-game. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Select the Emotes option, and you will have access to all available emotes, which include the recently added Kneel emote. Here, you can edit and map the emotes to your Emote Wheel, which they can access in-game by hitting and holding the “T” key before scrolling to select the emote you wish to use using your mouse.

Likewise, you can use the directional keys on your keyboard to choose the emote if this is the fastest method for players to use. Now that players have learned how to get and equip the Kneel emote to the Emote Wheel, they can begin using it in-game in various ways.

This concludes our helpful guide on acquiring the Sit emote in Palia as we’ll continue updating our Guides and Walkthrough hub page on future emote releases. Palia is available in Open Beta for PC only as a Nintendo Switch port is arriving this Holiday Season.