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How To Get The Sit Emote In Palia?

This isn't a jumpscare; in fact, you can sit down for this as developer Singularity 6 has added a long-requested emote allowing you to sit in Palia.
How To Get The Sit Emote In Palia?

It’s been over a month since Palia was released in Open Beta, which saw plenty of players starting their adventures in Kilima Village. From mastering their skills to befriending players and villagers and building their dream home, there are plenty of activities to do, whether as a solo player or with Community members.

The game’s social features are one of the pinnacle aspects of the game, and recently, developer Singularity 6 has updated their emotes by adding a new one to utilize in-game. As this requires you to be seated, we’ve explained everything about the Sit emote and how to acquire it in Palia.

How To Acquire The Sit Emote In Palia?

Emotes are a great way to virtually express yourself to other players aside from the available social features, like the chat and Community features. While players received a couple of emotes by default, as the developer noted that more emotes would be added to the game following the Open Beta release.

The developer has finally added its first emote post-launch in the recent v0.167 patch update, namely the Sit emote. Based on player feedback, this has been a popular request from the players, as players have been wanting to sit on the grass or benches found throughout Kilima Village and Bahari Bay.

As to how players can acquire this emote, this emote is immediately available once players have updated the game files to v0.167. Once updated, you head to your character’s profile by hitting the “P” key on your keyboard and clicking the Collections button at the top right of the menu screen.

palian social features guide emotes sitting sit how to get game update collections
Head to the Collections menu from your character profile to find the Sit emote available to equip to the Emote Wheel. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Here, you have two subcategories: Emotes and Pets; selecting the Emotes tab will bring you to the menu screen where you can configure the Emote Wheel. You will find the Sit emote already here, and you can equip it to the Emote Wheel before returning to the game.

As detailed in our guide to Emotes, to make use of them in-game, hit the “T” key and scroll on your mouse to the emote you wish to use. You can also click on the emote you wish to use or use the directional buttons on your keyboard and express your emotions to fellow players online using the intended emote.

It’s unclear which other emotes will be added in future patch updates for Palia; however, we can guarantee that more are coming soon. Therefore, if you wish to be notified of the latest news and announcements regarding emotes in Palia, bookmark our Guides and Walkthrough hub page to stay updated on future emote releases.