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How To Get The Magic Bundle In Palia

Magic's in the air and the rivers and ponds of Kilima Village as players must fish their way to get samples and complete the Magic Bundle in Palia.
How To Get The Magic Bundle In Palia

Players are gliding and sprinting through the open-world environments of Kilima Village and Bahari Bay to find and obtain specific resources. These items, in turn, are to be sampled and added to four unique bundles, including the Magic Bundle and unlocking magical rewards.

So, how magical are the resources required to collect samples for the Magic Bundle in Palia? We’ve peered into the cauldron to help you discover what samples you’ll need to find and how to complete the Magic Bundle in Palia.

Palia Magic Bundle: How To Get Bundle Items

palia bundles guide magic bundle how to get how to find samples fishing fishermans lagoon
Head out to Fisherman's Lagoon, equipped with some Worms and Glow Worms to catch specific fish for the Magic Bundle. (Picture: Singularity 6)

The Magic Bundle is one of the four bundles required to be completed when interacting with the stone device at the Night Sky Temple. To achieve this, players must collect samples for four specific resources, which can be found in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay, before contributing to the bundle and unlocking various rewards.

While completing each bundle in a specific order is not required, the Magic Bundle will take the most time to collect the requested samples due to their rarity. Nevertheless, acquiring samples of each item will see players utilizing various skills, which will help level them up, earn Renown, and unlock new items and recipes at the Guild Stores.

Nevertheless, if you’re wondering what samples are required to complete the Magic Bundle, we have all the details on what resources to sample and how to get them in Palia:

palia bundles guide magic bundle how to get how to find samples resources needed enchanted pupfish fishermans brew long noised unicorn fish shimmerfin
Players must find and collect samples of these resources before returning to complete the Magic Bundle. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)
  • Enchanted Pupfish: Using a Glow Worm, this fish can be caught throughout the day when fishing at Fisherman’s Lagoon
  • Fisherman’s Brew: This can be crafted with a recipe acquired for 1,000 Gold from Einar at Fisherman's Lagoon after reaching Fishing Level 3.
  • Long Noised Unicorn Fish: Head to the coastal area of Bahari Bay and utilize a Glow Worm to catch this rare fish species in the daytime.
  • Shimmerfin: Switch to standard Worms when fishing at Fisherman’s Lagoon throughout the day.

After acquiring the recipe, making the Fisherman’s Brew, catching the required fish, and collecting the samples, you can return to the Night Sky Temple near Leafhopper Hills. Interact with the stone device to access the Ancient Vault and add samples of each item to the Magic Bundle to complete it.

Doing so will earn you its corresponding rewards, which, after adding samples for the Magic Bundle, you’ll earn a Honey Lure, which is helpful in catching bugs. If you have not completed the remaining bundles, we have guides on collecting samples for the Beach, Freshwater, and Spooky Bundles in Palia.