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Palia Old Coin Quest Guide And Walkthrough

There's something funny about this money as players, and Zeki discovers coins in Bahari Bay. Learn how to complete the Old Coin quest in Palia.
Palia Old Coin Quest Guide And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

There are puzzles and secrets to be found hidden away from prying eyes, and discovering them will trigger a unique quest. These puzzle quests require players to use their wits to complete the task and learn something new about the Palian world, like the Old Coin quest.

This quest is pretty straightforward as they must find ancient coins hidden inside vases to receive fortunes that could bring prosperity or foretell a doomed fate. Team up with Zeki to find these coins in Bahari Bay as we detailed how to complete the Old Coin quest in Palia.

Palia Old Coin Quest Objectives List

Old Coin is a discovery or Found Item quest that players can stumble across through open-world exploration of Bahari Bay. They will discover a peculiar-looking coin, which appears to be ancient while exploring the Sunken City within the Flooded Fortress, and they will be tasked to uncover the mystery behind this coin.

palia quest guide old coin secret puzzle quest objectives first coin discovered phoenix statue sunken city
The first coin, which triggers the quest, is found behind the Phoenix Statue inside the Sunken City. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Luckily for players, there are a few more to be found, which can be discovered by speaking with various Villagers and locating the areas where these coins are found. Players looking to uncover the mystery behind these coins can consult these quest objectives to guide them in completing this quest in Palia:

  • Ask around about the old coin
  • Gather three coins
  • Get and read three Phoenix Fortunes
    • Return to Zeki

How To Complete The Old Coin Quest In Palia?

This quest can be triggered after finding a coin inside a vase behind a Phoenix statue inside the Sunken City at the Flooded Fortress. This is the exact location when solving the Lost Wisdom Puzzle quest, where players can access it by taking the leftmost staircase down into a chamber once reaching the Sunken City west of the Flooded Fortress.

Look behind the statue where the vase can be spotted to trigger the quest, and they’ll need to speak to the Villagers around town to find anyone who may know more about the coin. To complete this quest much faster, they can talk directly to Zeki, who adds that he found one and reveals that placing a coin inside the vases at the Sunken City gives Phoenix Fortunes.

They’ll need to find two more coins in Bahari Bay before heading back to the Sunken City, and luckily for players, these coins are located at the Flooded Fortress. They can fast-travel to The Outskirts Fast Travel Stable Board and head towards the Flooded Fortress to begin their search for these coins.

As players are in possession of one Old Coin, they’ll need two more, so let’s look at the remaining locations on where to find more old coins for the Old Coin Found Item quest in Palia:

  • Old Coin #2: The second coin can be seen atop a destroyed bridge near a waterfall north of the Flooded Fortress inside a vase.
  • Old Coin #3: Head to the center of the Flooded Fortress to find the centermost pillar, which can be accessed by climbing up a leaning pillar, then climbing up the vines before landing on a pillar where another vase is spotted.

Place each coin into a vase to receive a Phoenix Fortune, which they must read before returning to Zeki to complete the quest. Players will earn a Lucky Coin plus ten Renown and keep their Phoenix Fortunes within their Inventory as it doesn’t take up an Inventory Slot.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.