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Palia Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks To Help Get Started

To help beginners when starting their new campaign in Palia, we've provided five essential tips to make time well spent and easier in-game.
Palia Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks To Help Get Started

Palia Cooking Guide: How To Cook, Get Ingredients & Build KitchenGetting started in Singularity 6’s cozy MMO, Palia, will begin in the Closed and Open Beta for PC starting this August 2023. After creating an account and designing a character through its Customization menu, your first steps will have new players feeling a little lost on what they should prioritize and do first to maximize their time spent in-game.

New players joining the upcoming Closed and Open Beta for Palia may need guidance navigating and interacting with the in-game world. We have carefully detailed a few tips and tricks to help you in the brand-new adventures that await you in Palia in this Beginner’s Guide.

Start Exploring By Understanding The World Map

Getting acquainted with the World Map for Killima Village is pivotal in navigating the game's open-world environments. This may also help you understand what areas surrounding the village and help you find an ideal location to build your first home.

palia beginners guide tips tricks world map exploration discovery map points points of interest pois
The World Map for Killima Village will be important for players as it may help them discover something interesting in the open world. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Similarly, this may be advised as it allows you to plot farming routes to harvesting, mining, and foraging valuable resources integral to your gameplay progress. Additionally, you’ll gain experience points (XP) for exploration and discovering new content, so take as much time exploring the world in the early hours and become familiar with the World Map.

What remains to be clarified is whether players can make map marker points to highlight farming locations, found secrets, locked doors, or your next plot to build a home. In addition, we’re unsure if the game will have a Fast Travel system akin to most RPGs and MMOs, for which we’ll update this Beginner’s Guide with more information.

Don’t Neglect Your Focus Level

Exploring the surroundings of Kilima Village can be proven valuable, whether it may be to understand the world better, discover new lore content, find recent map locations, or master your skills. For the latter, to maximize getting the most from your skills, from foraging to hunting and mining, you need to have enough Focus to increase the XP gained for these skills.

palia beginners guide tips tricks focus level eating foods earn experience points xp level up skills
Sustain your Focus level by ensuring your character is well-fed to earn XP and level up your skills. (Picture: Singularity 6)

To ensure that your Focus levels remain high and consistent when using these skills for upgrading them, the best possible way to achieve this is by eating. As simple as this may be, maintaining that your Health remains high keeps your Focus levels high by consuming delicious meals, raw fruits, and vegetables.

Players can acquire new meal recipes from Reth, the inn’s cook and one of the many romanceable characters in Palia, after collecting rewards when leveling up your Cooking skill or visiting the Ormuu’s Horn Inn. Additionally, you can eat the harvested vegetables from your garden when mastering your Gardening skill.

Get Better Equipment Through Upgrades

At the start of your adventures in-game, you won’t readily have the equipment, like axes and pickaxes, to make mining or harvesting wood to build your home or for crafting purposes. While you will eventually get them during the tutorial quest, you will later encounter nodes, resources, and more that will damage your equipment.

So, upgrading your equipment and tools from the crafting station is essential to ensuring you have enough resources for upgrading them. Likewise, you may need to acquire recipes for the upgraded tools, which could either be obtained from Zeki at the shop or when leveling your Mining skill, when you may receive recipes as rewards.

Acquire Special Items By Refining Resources

palia beginners guide tips tricks refine materials guild communities leader receive upgrades
Participate in cooperative activities with Community members and collect resources to be refined and receive upgrades from Guild Leaders. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Palia will have many social features in place for players to enjoy playing with friends and reap the rewards. The Guild system is one of these features, which for Palia are called Communities and are designed to create a community-like environment for smaller players groups for this cozy MMO.

After becoming a Community member, your Guild Leader will lead its members through “synchronous and asynchronous activities” to help each other complete activities like mining and reach their goals cooperatively. This, in turn, can see you receive various upgrades to process or refine these materials, like refining stone into bricks which can be extremely important when building your home, adding additions, or crafting rare materials.

Design Your Home With Inspiration

Speaking of building homes, once you have found your plot and started building your home from the foundation up, you can begin designing the interiors by crafting beautiful furnishings. This can be achieved through the Furniture Making skill, which you’ll have Tish to mentor you.

With the Mining skill to help you mine essential resources, you can use them along with a few recipes to begin crafting furniture and decor items for your home. Once crafted, they can be placed inside your home, for which you’ll gain inspiration to unlock new recipes to craft more furniture and decor items and create the most cozy home possible.