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How To Repair Tools In Palia

Tools are often used in conjunction with your Skills, but did you know they wear and tear after some time? Learn how to repair your tools in Palia.
How To Repair Tools In Palia

The Skills system is essential in helping you learn specialized trades, get acquainted with their Skill Master, and advance various quests in Palia. Additionally, you can get recipes for different craftable items and tools, which can boost the number of items collected when using these Skills.

Once you’ve upgraded your tools to higher rarities, you’ll notice that using them after some time can decrease their proficiency and will break if not repaired. We’ve compiled everything about repairing tools, including how to repair them and craft Repair Kits and Station in Palia.

Can You Repair Your Tools in Palia?

Yes, you can repair your tools in Palia, and it's relatively straightforward to accomplish if players explore the town square enough and know which Villagers can help you in this regard. As expected, Sifuu, the local armorer, is the Villager to speak to as she can be found left from the Ormuu's Horn Inn, and it's recognizable by the anvil icon atop her shop.

palia mining guide tools how to repair tools sifuu forge anvil
Sifuu's forge is located in Killima Village square, where you can repair tools using Gold or Repair Kits. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As for when you'll need to repair your tools, this comes once you've upgraded your Makeshift tools, such as the axe and pickaxe, to its Standard or copper-infused variants. When using them after a time, they will wear and tear, and when it gets too low it's time to repair them by heading out to Sifuu's forge.

To repair the weapons, you can pay for the repairs in one of three ways: the first is Gold which you'll need to repair each tool, the cost of which depends on how damaged the tools are. The second way is to use the Repair Kit, which the recipe for can be obtained once you've upgraded one of your tools from Makeshift to Standard.

The third way to repair your tools is by unlocking the Repair Station, which can only be obtained once you've reached Level 4 in Mining. You'll need to locate Hodari, who can be found doing his routes in Killima Village or at his home in Bahari Bay. So how does one craft the Repair Kit and Station?

How To Craft The Repair Kit & Station In Palia?

palia mining guide tools how to craft repair kit worktable sapwood planks copper bars
You can craft Repair Kits at the worktables using Sapwood Planks and Copper Bars to receive 20 Repair Kits to your Inventory. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

If you wish to spare your Gold for something more valuable, like a recipe or items you desperately need, you must obtain the recipe for the Repair Kit. As mentioned, the Repair Kit unlocks by default when upgrading one of your tools to its Standard variant, and you can craft them from your worktable.

As for resources, you'll need five Sapwood Planks and one Copper Bar to craft. Once completed, you'll receive 20 Repair Kits to bring to Sifuu's forge to repair one tool or all tools. For the Repair Station, however, you must reach Level 4 Mining which can be achieved by mining nodes and harvesting the ores and minerals.

You'll need to speak with Hodari, which can access his Mining Guild Store, to purchase the recipe for the Repair Station for 500 Gold. Crafting the Repair Station requires 10 Copper bars and six Stone Bricks, which can be obtained by smelting copper ores and stones in the Basic Smelter, and you can use the Repair Station to repair your tools using the Repair Kits.