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Palia Shepp Program: How To Join, Membership & More

Are you committed to growing and elevating the Palian community? Learn more about the Palia Shepp Program, including how to join and more.
Palia Shepp Program: How To Join, Membership & More

Taking your first steps towards Kilima Village may be intimidating or terrifying, but having a guide in-game to lead you in the right direction may prevent you from a certain doom. These stewards are always friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable about what’s happening in Palia in-game and outside the realms of the game.

These individuals are members of a new growing guild called the Shepp Program and are committed to growing and elevating the Palia community, and you can become a member too. We have detailed everything about the Shepp Program, including how to join, its Terms and Policies, and more, so continue reading this guide.

What Is The Palia Shepp Program?

Developer Singularity 6 announced yet another program dedicated to the growing Palian community called the Shepp Program. Unlike the Refer-A-Friend Program, this program comprises players and community members who have dedicated their time and efforts to contribute and grow the community in-game and beyond.

palia social systems guide what is the shepp program explained community members
A new community-orientated program called the Shepp Program was announced by the game's developer. (Picture: Singularity 6)

These individuals work alongside the community team in multiple aspects of player involvement as “mentors, guides and trusted game experts,” according to the Shepp Program’s page. From collecting fan artwork to becoming knowledgeable on the game’s lore, generating memes, and contributing to the game’s Wikibot, these ambassadors will celebrate and recognize their work “both in and out of the game.”

Lastly, these members are the official voices for Palia and will serve as representatives between the development team and the community as communication channels. They will relay important information, news, and updates directly from Singularity 6, akin to the game’s Discord server moderators, to the community itself, which is impossible for “an average player.”

How To Join The Palia Shepp Program?

While there have been 52 Palian community members already recognized and elevated to “Shepp” status, the applications to join this program haven’t been made available. In this program, which started growing since the pre and post-Alpha tests, the developer has noted they won’t be accepting applications yet; however, there will be making announcements in the future on their website and through email notifications.

palia social systems guide shepp program how to join
There are a few prerequisites you may need to meet if you wish to join the Shepp Program. (Picture: Singularity 6)

To be eligible to join the Shepp Program, there are a few things players and community members must take note of before completing the application form. Below, we have listed all the prerequisites, as noted by Singularity 6, on how you can qualify to join this honorable guild of members:

  • At least 18 years of age upon submission of their application.
  • Within good standing with Singularity 6.
    • “Good Standing” is a term used to describe a qualitative relationship based on noted good behavior within the community. The final determination of whether or not a player is in good standing is at the discretion of Singularity 6.
  • Final membership decisions are at the sole discretion of Singularity 6.

Palia Shepp Program Membership Terms & Policies Explained

It’s important to mention that the Shepp Program and the game’s Discord moderation team are separate entities and won’t have the same or similar permissions. Additionally, Shepps are not official members of the development team and do not speak in the capacity or on behalf of them as such.

Should you become a member of the Shepp Program, please note that you will receive confidential information supplied by the developer occasionally. Likewise, this information may request you complete and adhere to the guidelines detailed in the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) provided to you.

palia social systems guide shepp program terms and policies meetings information nda
Shepp Program members will be notified via email of future meetings that will be held monthly. (Picture: Singularity 6)

At any point, should you be found negligible or guilty of impersonation or leak information under the NDA, you will have your access to the Shepp Program revoked and subsequently removed. Additionally, you will incur any other penalties “at the discretion of Singularity 6” for your conduct which may include legal action.

Lastly, once you become a member of the Shepp Program, you will be notified of scheduled Shepp meetings, which take place monthly; however, the developer has stated that attendance is not mandatory. As such, meetings will be tabulated and forwarded via email once the meeting has concluded, but the contents and information are protected under NDA.

All the information detailed in the program’s Terms and Policies is subject to change, as Singularity 6 has the right to make amendments at any point. Members of this program can submit any recommendations and propose amendments at these monthly meetings; the developer will make the final decision, and you can view them here on the official program page.