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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Spiffy It Up Quest

Speak to Tish and start foraging around the neighbor-wood to collect resources and craft items to complete the Spiffy It Up quest in Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Spiffy It Up Quest

The first few hours of Palia have players getting to grips with the game mechanics and features, which can be learned and utilized by completing the main and side quests. During the Learning the Ropes quest, the village mayor, Kenli, will ask to meet with the local furniture maker, Tish, who will introduce you to the Furniture Making skill.

Likewise, you will also receive the Spiffy It Up quest to complete, which helps you understand and master this skill in crafting a few furniture pieces. Head to the worktable and start working through the objectives to complete the Spiffy It Up quest in Palia.

Palia Spiffy It Up Quest Objective List

Spiffy It Up is the following quest players can complete after meeting with Tish during the Learning the Ropes quest. As the village’s mayor, Kenli prompts you to find and talk to Tish while he’s looking for your home’s blueprints; you can receive this quest to complete, which we’ve listed all the quest objectives below:

  1. Talk to Tish
  2. Place a chair
  3. Place a table
  4. Place a wardrobe
  5. Talk to Kenli about your plot

How To Complete The Spiffy It Up Quest In Palia

palia quest guide spiffy it up furniture making skill meeting tish kilima village
After speaking with Tish, you'll receive Log Cabin Wardrobe, Dining Chair and Table recipes. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After completing the Learning the Ropes quest, you can immediately pin it from your Character Menu and start completing each objective by finding Tish first. During the day, she can be found at her shop in Kilima Village; after speaking with her, she’ll hand you a few blueprints or recipes and various objectives relating to the Furniture Making skill.

The recipes you’ll receive include the Log Cabin Wardrobe, Log Cabin Dining Chair, and Log Cabin Dining Table. You’ll need to return to your housing plot and head to your worktable to view each recipe and see what resources you need to forage and mine as we’ve detailed below:

  • Log Cabin Dining Chair: 15 Sapwood logs
  • Log Cabin Dining Table: 35 Sapwood logs
  • Log Cabin Wardrobe: 45 Sapwood logs
palia quest guide spiffy it up furniture making skill how to craft log cabin wardrobe resources foraging sapwood
You'll need to forage Spawood logs by chopping down trees to craft the Log Cabin Wardrobe. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As Sapwood is required to craft each furniture piece, you can chop down the trees nearby your housing plot to accumulate Sapwood logs. Once you’ve collected enough Sapwood logs, you can return to your worktable where from the list of recipes obtained, you can craft the Log Cabin Wardrobe, Dining Chair, and Table, which is added to your Inventory.

Next, you must place them on your housing plot, inside your tent, using the Placement Mode by hitting the Z key. You can free-place each furniture item and rotate them how you wish to place them to complete each objective.

Once completed, the village mayor, Kenli, will arrive at your housing plot, and you will need to speak with him. He will hand you the blueprints to your home, which you need to sign for, and completes the Spiffy It Up quest, and you’ll unlock the next related quest, Home, Sweet Home, which you can start building your home.