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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Learning The Ropes Quest

It’s time to learn Kilima Village's history by understanding the basics of various skills you can use in the Learning the Ropes quest for Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Learning The Ropes Quest

Following your sudden arrival in Kilima Village, you begin your adventures seeking out the Ormuu’s Horn Inn, where you’ll be greeted by its innkeeper, Ashura. This will start the tutorial quest where you are to locate your housing plot, pitch up your tent, and meet a few Villagers.

This leads to you learning about the history of Kilima Village, getting acquainted with a few skills, and meeting the Skill Masters, who will guide you on your adventures. This guide details everything about the Learning the Ropes quest and how to complete its objectives for Palia.

Palia Learning The Ropes Quest Objective List

To complete the Learning the Ropes quest, there are a few quest objectives to complete around Kilima Village. Below we have listed all the quest objectives for the Learning The Ropes quest in Palia:

  1. Talk to Badruu to learn how to garden
  2. Talk to Reth to learn how to cook
  3. Talk to Kenli about getting a house

How To Complete The Learning The Ropes Quest In Palia

palia quest guide learning the ropes badruu learning how to garden gardening 101 skill quest
After speaking with Badruu, you will receive the Gardening 101 skill quest to complete for the Learning the Ropes quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Learning the Ropes is the second quest you’ll unlock after completing the Welcome to Palia tutorial quest, in which you’ll be formally introduced to a few skills: Gardening, Cooking, and Furniture Making. After speaking with Auni, you must leave your housing plot to locate Badruuu and Reth, who can be found in Kilima Village.

Reth will be the Villager NPC the closest to your current location, and he can be found at Ormuu’s Horn Inn during the daytime. After speaking with him, this will trigger the Cooking 101 skill quest, which must be completed to progress this quest.

Next on your list is Badruu, who can be found outside of Kilima Village at his farm near Leafhooper Hills. Like with Reth, after speaking with him, this unlocks the Gardening 101 skill quest, which is also required to complete before progressing with this quest.

palia quest guide learning the ropes meeting tish
Kilima's mayor, Kenli, will ask you to meet with Tish as he looks for the blueprints for your housing plot. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once you have completed the Cooking and Gardening 101 skill quests, you can collect various rewards from both Badruu and Reth, which finishes the objectives. As per Ashura, your last objective is to find the village’s mayor, Kenli, who can be found at the City Hall inside the Records Room.

Speaking with him, he’ll start locating the blueprints for your housing plot but advises that you meet Tish, which triggers your next skill quest, Spiffy It Up. You must finish this skill quest by finding Tish at her workshop in the town square before returning to your housing plot to complete its objectives.

Once these have been done, Kenli will appear at your housing plot to hand you the blueprints for your plot and complete this quest in its entirety. You will receive the next adjacent quest, Home, Sweet Home, which continues your tutelage in Furniture Making, and you’ll earn Renown for its completion.