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Palia: Where To Get The Spring Fever Furniture Set

Create their floral utopia on their Housing Plot with the Spring Fever Furniture set as we've explained how to get the set's blueprints in Palia.
Palia: Where To Get The Spring Fever Furniture Set
(Picture: Singularity 6)

As players arrive at Kilima Village and Bahari Bay to explore the new game content for the cozy MMO Palia, developer Singularity 6 continues adding seasonal-themed content for Palians to enjoy and celebrate with others. With the current two patch updates, 0.178 and 0.179, centered on the Spring season, Palians saw new Spring-themed cosmetics, like Outfits and Gliders, new Building Add-ons, new flowers to grow, and a Furniture set available to acquire.

The new Furniture set, aptly named Spring Fever, is one of two recently added sets for Palians to obtain blueprints before crafting the items and decorating their outdoor spaces. Bring the wanderlust and color home with the Spring Fever set, as we've outlined how to get this set by acquiring the blueprints in Palia

How To Get The Spring Fever Furniture Set In Palia?

With the Spring season officially arriving in Palia, developer Singularity 6 has made plenty of unique themed content available for Palians to acquire. As many are busy working on designing their outdoor spaces with new flowers to get in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay and a Courtyard Add-on to purchase from City Hall, there's a furniture set that will bring these spaces to life.

The Spring Fever Furniture set was introduced to Palia, including unique outdoor pieces to decorate and enhance their Housing Plots and homes. This set features 15 themed items that can be crafted at their Worktable using various resources that can be foraged and mined in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay.

Below, we've listed all the furniture items that are included in the Spring Fever Furniture set for Palia:

  • Spring Fever Arch Trellis
  • Spring Fever Chiminea
  • Spring Fever Curved Lamp
  • Spring Fever Fire Pit
  • Spring Fever Flat Trellis
  • Spring Fever Large Lights
  • Spring Fever Medium Lights
  • Spring Fever Pergola
  • Spring Fever Rock Edging
  • Spring Fever Rock Stack
  • Spring Fever Short Lamp
  • Spring Fever Small Lights
  • Spring Fever Swing
  • Spring Fever Wheelbarrow
  • Spring Fever Wood Edging

As such, Palians who want this flower-powered furniture set can acquire blueprints for three specific pieces. They can purchase the blueprints for the Spring Fever Large Lights, Swing, and Wheelbarrow from the Daiya Family Farm Crop Store beside their family home in Leafhopper Hills in Kilima Village.

The remaining blueprints for the Spring Fever Furniture set are unlocked through Inspiration when crafting related pieces. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein))

The Spring Fever Wheelbarrow blueprint will cost 150 Gold, while the Spring Fever Large Lights and Swing blueprints will cost 400 Gold each. Unlocking the remaining blueprints must be done through Inspiration, an in-game mechanic for the Furniture Making Skill, which allows them to learn the blueprints for other pieces for a specific furniture set.

In other words, crafting the Spring Fever Large Lights, Swing, and Wheelbarrow will let them learn the blueprints for the remaining pieces of this set. They can select one of three pieces to learn and unlock before crafting them, and this process repeats until all items have been unlocked.

As of writing, there's no Accomplishment, the game's Achievement system, related to the Spring Fever Furniture set, but it's possible one may be added soon. With more Building Add-ons coming to the game in future updates, now is the perfect chance to unlock all the Spring Fever Furniture set blueprints and get crafting before the new Housing content arrives.