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Where To Get The Sunken Sorrow Curse In Sea Of Thieves

Proudly show off the efforts to learn the tragic secret of the Sunken Kingdom by getting the Sunken Sorrow Curse in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Get The Sunken Sorrow Curse In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

There are plenty of secrets to discover and mysteries to solve during their adventures in Sea of Thieves. Some of these secrets and mysteries are tied to various Commendations, Tall Tales, and voyages, which can be rewarding upon completion, like the Sunken Sorrow Curse.

However, to receive this bioluminescent item, they must embark on a hunt to track down journals found within six underwater shrines before the voyage is theirs to complete. This guide details everything about the Sunken Sorrow Curse, including how to get it and its requirements to be completed in Sea of Thieves.

How To Get The Sunken Sorrow Curse In Sea Of Thieves?

The Sunken Sorrow Curse is one of eight curses pirates can acquire by completing various in-game activities. When equipped, this Curse features multiple markings on the face and upper body that glow in the dark and can be best seen at night.

The Sunken Sorrow Curse is locked behind a Commendation, which can be completed by finding shrine journals before purchasing a specific voyage. (Picture: Rare)

As for the Curses themselves, there is a unique collection of Vanity items that can be used to enhance their pirate character for cosmetic purposes. Curses, as mentioned before, have no bearing on in-game progression once obtained, but they do need to be completed with specific activities and content to unlock them.

This is true for the Sunken Sorrown Curse, as they must complete The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage, which can be purchased from Larinna, but this mission will be locked behind another prerequisite. For this voyage to be unlocked and available to buy with Doubloons, they must complete The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom Commendation, which requires them to read all 30 journals scattered throughout Shrines in the Sunken Kingdom.

We've previously detailed walkthroughs for each Shrine and where to find the journals to help them complete The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom Commendation. Additionally, clearing each Shrine, for which there are five journals to find for every Shrine, unlocks their corresponding Commendation, which is as follows:

Follow the clues, solve the riddles, and collect specific items during The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage, leading them to the hidden door inside the Shrine of Ancient Tears. (Picture: Rare)

Once completed, visit Larinna and purchase The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage, which costs 50 Doubloons, and they can begin the voyage. This voyage requires them to follow the clues and solve a few riddles that will lead them to unique locations using the Golden Wayfinder Compass.

During this voyage, they must collect a couple of items: the Forbidden Coral Chest, Gold Hoarders Medallions, three Forbidden Keys, and a Mysterious Ancient Key. The last item in question will unlock a hidden door somewhere in the main chamber of the Shrine of Ancient Tears, which, once found, unlocks the door and leads them to the final journal to complete the voyage.

With the voyage complete, this subsequently completes The Curse of the Sunken Kingdom Commendation, and as a reward, they'll receive the Sunken Sorrow Curse. This Curse can be found within the Vanity Chest, located near the General Clothing Shop, but it's also found aboard their Ship, and they can equip or unequip Curses and other Vanity items from this chest.