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#FreeSquishy, Rocket League pro has Twitch DMCA ban overturned

The Rocket League pro got his Twitch account suspended following a DMCA takedown. A decision that was quickly overturned within hours.
#FreeSquishy, Rocket League pro has Twitch DMCA ban overturned
The DMCA Twitch debacle continues to stir controversy among the streaming community as Rocket League pro player Mariano "SquishyMuffinz" Arruda saw himself stripped his channel due to the new policies put in place.

The NRG player announced today that he was not only banned but that his account was terminated, a decision taken by Twitch which was quickly disputed. 

"Banned from Twitch, is there anything I can do to fix this?" Squishy tweeted out, a comment that ensued an outpour of support coming his way, with the hashtag #FreeSquishy trending on Twitter, as fans and colleagues alike demanded an explanation.

Squishy banned from twitch
(Photo: Liquipedia)

A couple of hours after his ban, Squishy updated his followers on the status of his Twitch account, happily reporting that it was unbanned. Sadly, it came at a cost, as the streamer has now deleted all his previous VODs and clips, erasing years of memories in a matter of seconds.

"Deleting all my VODS Clips ETC, not taking anymore chances in the future, thank you to the community for all the support I’ll try to stream tomorrow, gonna deal with the VODS and clips for today."

This has been the M.O the majority of streamers have been utilising to ensure the survival of their accounts. Big names like DansGaming have gone as far as deleting more than a decade of VODs and clips from the platform.

Just this past 20th October, Twitch issued a final DMCA warning to all content creators, and it seems they're following on that threat as more and more streamers are being banned due to DMCA strikes.