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Twitch streamer, Nick Polom, defends xQc and Asmongold's messy rooms

Twitch streamer, Nick Polom (or “Lord Nmp”), finally understands why Felix “xQc” Lengyel and fellow World of Warcraft streamer, Asmongold, have such dirty rooms.
Twitch streamer, Nick Polom, defends xQc and Asmongold's messy rooms

Twitch star and Former Overwatch pro, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, recently decided to give his fans a tour of his room and streaming setup, after watching a home tour video by Pokimane. Many fans were left mortified after xQc revealed stacks of empty drink bottles and fast-food wrappers on and around his desk, venting their disgust on Reddit and Twitter.

Popular World of Warcraft streamer and OTK member, Nick Polom (“Lord Npm”) subsequently took to Twitter to defend the messy Twitch star, citing: “I get it xQc and Asmongold”. Here’s what he had to say.

Nick Polom defends xQc and Asmongold’s messy setups

On the 6th of July, Nick Polom tweeted a video showing his messy room after doing a 12-hour stream with his girlfriend, Malina. “I know we give xQc and a lot of gamers, like [Asmongold] a lot of s*** for, having desks that are kinda dirty”, proceeding to show “the aftermath” of his lengthy stream.

“This is just one day of playing games 12 hours a day. Imagine if we played more often. Holy moly,” he said. Indeed, we’d hate to see what kind of mess would accumulate but we can guess that it won’t look too good.

Fortunately, Nick assured his followers that they would clean it up. He also indicated that this is not a regular occurrence and that they "rarely ever play games".

Asmongold replied to Nick’s tweet, citing: “now you understand, we are actually the clean ones but no one wants to accept it”. Users on Reddit suggested that perhaps the streamers should put a trash can nearby their desk to properly dispose of the mess. Indeed, it doesn’t help to have a trash can when it doesn’t actually get used.

asmongold xqc nick pollom otk dirty room twitch
Asmongold replies to Nick Pollom (Picture: Twitter / Asmongold)

Take a look at Esfand’s set-up in the image below. He literally has a trash can less than a meter away and yet has arguably one of the most disgustingly dirty setups we’ve ever seen.

esfand dirty twitch stream setup desk xqc asmongold otk
Esfand's streaming setup (Picture: Reddit / catchykick)

“This is actually disgraceful, I’ve never seen something more useless than Esfand’s trash can”, a Redditor wrote and we couldn’t agree more.

xQc also offered his reaction to Nick's video in a recent live stream. You can watch xQc respond in the video below.

Personally, I don’t think it’s all that hard to take an empty soda can and throw it in the trash. It literally takes a couple of seconds to do and streamers could easily do this during their breaks. Ultimately, allowing trash to gather (even during long streams) is just gross and may attract bugs and other undesirables into the home. At the end of the day, it’s just pure laziness.

Do you agree though? Or should we cut xQc and Esfand some slack? Let us know by sharing your thoughts with us on Twitter.

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Header image via Twitch / Nick Pollom / Asmongold / xQcOW.