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V Rising Domina The Blade Dancer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Struggling to fight the new Gloomrot bosses? Learn how to beat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising, including her location and rewards, right here.
V Rising Domina The Blade Dancer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Enter Gloomrot if you dare! The treacherous new region of V Rising is filled with challenges and danger at every turn, including the formidable Level 60 boss Domina the Blade Dancer. But fear not -- with our expert knowledge of the game, you can trust us to guide you through all the twists and turns this foe may present.

This guide will cover how to beat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising, including her location and all the rewards you will receive for defeating this boss. However, like many other Blood Carriers in the game, Domina is not one to be trifled with, so you must bring all carnage you can muster if you hope to survive.

Updated on 20 May 2023: We've updated this page to reflect all the changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update released on 17 May 2023.

V Rising: Domina The Blade Dancer Location


Domina the Blade Dancer is located in the quaint Rustlock Village of Gloomrot South. This V Blood Carrier roams the village and can be found relatively quickly. However, be warned: She is usually surrounded by a few loyal servants who are not fond of your presence. The area is also filled with other dangers, so tread lightly.

This high-level area can be accessed in two ways: (i) you can enter via the northern part of Dunley Farmlands or (ii) via the western part of the Cursed Forest. If you're a first-time visitor, it's advised to enter Gloomrot via the Dunley Farmlands, as there is a Vampire Waygate nearby through which you can teleport back quickly if you perish.

V Rising: How To Beat Domina The Blade Dancer

Domina the Blade Dancer is a Level 60 boss in V Rising, and given the area in which she resides, we recommend having a Gear Score of 57+, preferably using a Sword or Reaper build. Regarding the Blood Type, we recommend using Brute Blood with a Blood Quality of 60% or higher. This is because she has allies that you will be able to Life Leech, which is imperative to surviving Domina's brutal high-damage assault in V Rising.

Scholar Blood, with a Blood Quality rating of 50% or greater, is a worthy alternative, particularly if you plan to maintain your distance and cast spells at a safer range. This Blood is especially useful because its boosts your spell damage. Scholar Blood also has a 20% chance to reset spell cooldowns at higher Blood Quality levels, allowing double casts to burst Domina at range.


Travel Spells

Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising is quite mobile, so we recommend using Veil of Blood or Veil of Bones as your Travel Ability. Veil of Blood couples well with Brute Blood, providing extra Life Leech and solid sustenance during the battle. As a result, it enables you to be more aggressive in melee combat. On the other hand, Veil of Bones works well with Scholar Blood.

It also lets you inflict the Condemn debuff on enemies on your primary attack, increasing their incoming damage by 15% for 5s from all damage sources. As a result, the damage amplification allows you to do substantial extra damage with your spells, especially if you get a recast while the target is still under the effect of Condemn.

V_Rising_Screenshot_2023.05.19_-_02.38.14.10.png (1

Defensive Spells

Phantom Aegis is The best defensive ability against Domina in V Rising. This is because it provides a damage block and can apply the Weaken debuff to enemies that stray too close, reducing the enemy's outgoing damage by 25% for 5s. With Brute Blood's implicit damage reduction stat, it means that your character can tank a lot more damage. In addition, Phantom Aegis can stack with the Scholar Blood and the Condemn debuff to make trading spells at a range more powerful.

Offensive Spells

Regarding offensive spells to beat Domina in V Rising, we suggest equipping Corrupted Skull and Bone Explosion. These abilities are suggested primarily because they apply the Condemn debuff and do good damage at range. Moreover, each stack with Veil of Bones, allowing you to keep the Condemn debuff going. Corrupted Skull will also summon a Skeleton Warrior to fight for you upon impact, drawing agro, absorbing spells, and dealing decent physical damage as well. Corrupted Skull also does 40% bonus damage when the target is below 30% health.

V_Rising_Screenshot_2023.05.19_-_02.38.21.96.png (1

Domina Moveset

When the fight starts, Domina the Blade Dancer will come in with a few strong melee-range kicking attacks. Some of these kicks might also be electrically charged, so beware. This stage of the fight is fairly easy, as dodging damage mostly involves moving out of the way or using your movement ability once. Here, spam your spells and range while dodging her attacks. If Domina comes into melee range, jump behind her and counter with a few melee attacks or create distance to hit her with more ranged spells.

The next phase of the battle involves Domina the Blade Dancer starting to fly. As you might tell, sh*t is probably about to go down. And yes, it is. Once this Blood Carrier is airborne, she will launch multiple electric attacks from the safety of the air. There's not much you can do here besides dodging the electrical projectile assault. As illustrated in the images, she will launch a barrage of attacks around the village. If you survive this phase, you will have the chance to punish her as she lands.

V_Rising_Screenshot_2023.05.19_-_02.38.50.74.png (1

In the final battle phase, Domina the Blade Dancer will let out her most powerful attack. This involves her releasing multiple electric projectiles at a very fast rate, dealing insanely high damage. In this case, getting too close will almost certainly spell your doom. That being said,  you will do well to keep your distance until she stops the attack.

When her brutal assault is over, Domina will be vulnerable to attack. Quickly close the gap and finish her off with a barrage of spells and melee attacks. Noteworthy, the Crimson Beam Ultimate would be useful at this moment as it will allow you to deal massive damage while also healing up. There's a good chance you will need to endure another round of this battle phase, but don't worry; victory is nearly within reach. Assuming Domina isn't defeated yet, she will be shortly.

V_Rising_Screenshot_2023.05.19_-_02.39.10.05.png (1

V Rising: Domina The Blade Dancer Rewards

The rewards for defeating Domina the Blade Dancer are Polarity Shift and Castle Teleporters. Polarity is an ability from the Storm school of magic that launches a projectile dealing 90% damage and applying the Static debuff to the enemy. On impact, you will swap places with your target unless they are immune to the Static effect, in which case you will land at the target location.

On the other hand, the Castle Teleporter allows you to traverse your Castle in style and with speed. Furthermore, the teleporter comes in multiple colors. In particular, there are Red, Yellow, and Blue Castle Teleporters. And that brings a close to our guide on how to defeat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising. For even more instructive (and useful) V Rising guides, check out our dedicated section!

V Rising Domina The Blade Dancer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising?

Domina the Blade Dancer can be found in the Rustlock Village of Gloomrot South in V Rising. Enter Gloomrot through the northern part of Dunley Farmlands or the western part of the Cursed Forest.

What are some recommended defensive spells against Domina in V Rising?

To defend against Domina's attacks in V Rising, we recommend using Phantom Aegis as a defensive ability. It provides damage block and can apply the Weaken debuff, reducing the enemy's outgoing damage. Combine it with Brute Blood for extra damage reduction.

What offensive spells should I use to defeat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising?

For offensive spells against Domina in V Rising, equip Corrupted Skull and Bone Explosion. These spells apply the Condemn debuff and deal good damage at range. Use them along with Veil of Bones and your preferred weapon attacks to defeat her.