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V Rising Terrorclaw The Ogre: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to beat Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising, including his location and rewards!
V Rising Terrorclaw The Ogre: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Are you looking for the ultimate guide on how to beat Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising? If so, you're in the right place! We'll provide you with everything you need to know to overcome this formidable sasquatch-looking boss, including tried-and-tested strategies from actually playing the game.

Yes, you read that right! We've got many hours of gameplay expertise to show you the best way to defeat Terrorclaw in V Rising. But it doesn't stop there. We'll also detail where to find him and the rewards you will receive for beating this Blood Carrier. So what are you waiting for?

Updated on 18 May 2023: We've updated this page to reflect the changes after the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Terrorclaw The Ogre Location

terrorclaw location v rising

Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising is located in the Hallowed Mountains biome of V Rising. Specifically, you'll find him in the Frozen Cave, located at the bottom right of the region. Before doing so, however, it is recommended that you travel to the northwestern part of the Hallowed Mountains to unlock the Vampire Waygate to easily teleport into the fight after dying your first few times (because let's face it -- it will take a few tries!)

V Rising: How To Beat Terrorclaw The Ogre

Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising is a Level 70 Blood Carrier. As such, we recommend only taking this fight with a Gear Score of a similar level. We also recommend doing this fight as a duo. While you probably could tough it out solo, the chance of being stun-locked (and, thus, dying) is extremely high. That being said, take our word for it and bring a friend!

Blood Type

To survive Terrorclaw in V Rising, you will need a decent defense strategy. Firstly, the Blood Type we recommend is Warrior Blood of 50% or higher as well as Brute Blood of 40% or higher. In particular, Warrior Blood offers boosted Physical Power and Damage Reduction. On the other hand, Brute Blood offers Life Leech, Attack Speed, and Healing buffs. These will complement defensive spells like Phantom Aegis or Ward of the Damned, discussed next.


Defensive Spells

Phantom Aegis is suggested because it can be cast on yourself or allies, meaning you can cast it on your ally when they are stunned, preventing follow-up damage. This damage mitigation can be game-changing. Ward of the Damned is recommended as Terrorclaw the Ogre has extremely strong projectile attacks in V Rising. When you block his attacks with this spell, it will summon undead skeletons to draw agro and absorb spells in your place, giving you a chance to pop a healing potion or catch a breath.

Travel Spells

For the Travel Ability, we recommend the Veil of Blood for a chance to leech 6% of your max health back on your next attack (which also gets a 25% damage bonus). It also stacks well with Brute Blood. Alternatively, you could opt for Veil of Chaos. Here, you can also recast the ability immediately after, which could prove useful after an ill-timed dash. Finally, your next melee attack deals 25% bonus damage while your illusion explodes to deal 40% additional magic damage.


Offensive Spells

Now that we covered defense let's go over some offensive strategies you can employ to defeat Terrorclaw the Ogrev in V Rising. Corpse Explosion is great here as it has a large AOE dealing decent magic damage and applying the Condemn debuff to Terrorclaw. This debuff will increase the damage Terrorclaw the Ogre takes by 15% for the next 5 seconds. However, use it wisely and couple it with follow-up attacks from yourself or allies to maximize the effects of the debuff.

Terrorclaw's Moveset

When the fight starts, Terrorclaw the Ogre will initiate you with melee attacks. Then, he will start to use his frost spells, where the risk of becoming stun-locked increases dramatically. In particular, Terrorclaw has a frost breath attack that sends out a large damaging wave of magic damage that, if successfully landed on you, will slow you and then stun you.

Terrowclaw the Ogre will also grab the nearest piece of ice and throw it at you as a single projectile. If this attack lands, it can deal over 200 damage and stun you for 2.5 seconds.  This is where Ward of the Damned and Phantom Aegis shine, allowing you to protect yourself and your allies from Terrorclaw the Ogre’s brutal assault.


If you have survived this far and managed to damage him enough, he will begin Phase 2 of the battle. Here, Terrorclaw will do an enhanced version of his initial frost breath attack with an AOE attack that sees ice shards fall from the ceiling. These shards will damage significantly and slow your movement speed if they hit you, so ensure you dodge them. At the same time, Terrorclaw the Ogre will also throw projectiles at you, so save your Travel Ability until it's most necessary to use it.

Now, assuming you're still alive, the final phase of the battle will become even more lethal. Here, Terrorclaw will use all of the above attacks, including Arctic Leap, which sees him jump into the air and land in a target area dealing massive AOE magic damage. Any units caught in the area will be frozen. This move is typically followed up with a secondary assault, which can potentially freeze you and deal even more damage.


If you are doing this solo, this is usually where the battle ends. However, in duos, your friend can draw agro and or block the follow-up projectile giving you a chance to reset the fight. To finish off Terrorclaw the Ogre, use all your offensive abilities on him, including your Ultimate Ability. A good time to do this is directly after he does the Artic Leap, as it will leave him open for an attack.

V Rising: Terrorclaw The Ogre Rewards

After defeating Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising, you will receive the Arctic Leap Ultimate Ability. This insanely powerful ability allows you to jump through the air, landing at your target location and dealing 200% magic damage in a large AOE upon landing. Additionally, any NPCs caught in the frost blast will be frozen for 6 seconds, whereas players will be frozen for 2 seconds.  You will also unlock the crafting recipe for Large Bags after defeating Terrorclaw. Finally, there is a random chance that this icy beast will drop Gold Jewelry and an Unsullied Heart. And that's all!

V Rising Terrorclaw The Ogre: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find and defeat Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising?

You can find Terrorclaw the Ogre in the Frozen Cave of the Hallowed Mountains biome in V Rising, located at the bottom right of the region.

What Blood Types and spells should I use to defeat Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising?

For Blood Types, we recommend Warrior Blood (50%+) and Brute Blood (40%+) for defense. Defensive spells like Phantom Aegis and Ward of the Damned are also recommended.

What rewards do I get for defeating Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising?

After defeating Terrorclaw, you will receive the Arctic Leap Ultimate Ability, the crafting recipe for Large Bags, and there's a chance to obtain Gold Jewelry and an Unsullied Heart.