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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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News > FPS > Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list: AR, SMG, snipers, LMG, pistols, more

There are 29 guns currently featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Each has its place but there are certainly better weapons to use than others.

In Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has lowered the overall weapon count that players are used to seeing in Call of Duty. While 29 is by no means a low number, it is on the lesser side compared to the old-school titles. For example, Modern Warfare 3 launched with 40+ weapons right out of the gate. 

However, the guns we do have at launch are fairly balanced across the board. Of course, there a few outliers in both the overpowered and underpowered departments.

Today, we’ll be ranking each of the weapons in Black Ops Cold War and sorting them into tiers so you know exactly which guns fall into which area. We will also offer you the best loadout for each weapon allowing you to maximise each to its potential.


Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list 



Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list mp5
(Picture: Treyarch)

The current king of Black Ops Cold War, nothing can truly outclass the MP5 in the initial build of the game. 


weapon tier list black ops cold war m16
(Picture: Treyarch) 

The M16 looks to have returned to its Call of Duty 4 form, one-bursting players from all ranges. 


Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list
(Picture: Treyarch) 

We’re not sure how the AUG made it past the initial testing but the tactical rifle category certainly contains some dominating weapons. 



A tier black ops cold war tier weapon list
(Picture: Treyarch)

One of the best all-around weapons in Black Ops Cold War but it does have quite a recoil kick. 


best guns in black ops ak-47
(Picture: Treyarch)

The AK-47 has carved out a niche in competitive matches thus far thanks to its high damage output. 


krig-6 best loadout for call of duty black ops

You can’t really go wrong when picking a rifle in Black Ops Cold War and the Krig-6 is definitely a wise pick for all matter of players. 


black ops cold war weapon tiers
(Picture: Treyarch)

It’s strange seeing a pistol ranked so high but the 1911 packs a serious punch and can almost be used as a primary weapon. 


m82 tier weapon list blops cw
(Picture: Treyarch)

The Barrett .50 cal, or M82, is back in Black Ops Cold War and features the same high-quality traits as in previous games. 

LW3 - Tundra

lw-3 tundra
(Picture: Treyarch)

Every sniper is going to be rated highly for the simple fact that they’re severely overpowered in the current build of the game. 

Stoner 63 

Stoner 63 best loadout
(Picture: Treyarch)

Light machine guns usually feature one strong weapon in its class and this year it’s the Stoner 63. 



bullfrog loadout
(Picture: Treyarch)

An extremely fun weapon to use, the Bullfrog can’t match the MP5 but is a great addition to the SMG class.


ak-74u best weapons in call of duty
(Picture: Treyarch)

Many players would like to see a buff to the 74u, as its current version is just a bit underwhelming compared to the beta. 


xm4 best guns black ops cold war
(Picture: Treyarch)

While not a horrible weapon, the XM4 lacks any superb qualities to really put it into S or A Tier. 

Type 63

Type 63 call of duty black ops cold war
(Picture: Treyarch)

There’s not much to say about the Type 63 besides it shoots pretty fast and can deal significant damage with the right attachments. At the end of the day though, it’s a semi-auto rifle. 

DMR 14

DMR 14 black ops cold war
(Picture: Treyarch)

For the same reasons as the Type 63, the DMR 14 has its niche but nothing beyond that. 

Pelington 703

pelington 703
(Picture: Treyarch)

Since it’s a sniper, you can use it to great effect. However, the Pelington doesn’t match the firepower of the LW3 - Tundra or M82. 


m60 tier weapon list guns black ops

Your standard LMG that has a ton of ammunition, high damage, and slow mobility. 


best guns in black ops cold war
(Picture: Treyarch)

Yet again, a traditional LMG but doesn’t match the Stoner 63 in terms of damage. 


best weapons in cold war
(Picture: Treyarch)

Treyarch loves its three-round burst pistols and the Diamatti is a fine addition to that list.

Hauer 77 

hauer gun guide
(Picture: Treyarch)

Shotguns have a hard time being ranked any higher than B Tier since they’re so handicapped by their range but the Hauer 77 can really make your enemies rage. 




qbz-73 best loadout and attachments black ops
(Picture: Treyarch)

The ugly stepchild of the assault rifle category, the QBZ-83 is in the unfortunate spot of being outclassed by every weapon around it.

Milano 821

Milano 321 gun in black ops
(Picture: Treyarch)

Far from its beta status, the Milano just doesn’t shoot fast enough to take down enemies efficiently. 


ksp-45 guns in black ops
(Picture: Treyarch)

Has any three-round burst SMG ever been a solid weapon in Call of Duty? 


(Picture: Treyarch)

The best all-purpose launcher in Black Ops Cold War is the RPG-7 but that’s not saying much. 

Gallo SA12

Best loadout attachments for Gallo sa12
(Picture: Treyarch)

The Spas-12 remake is fun to use with the right attachments but you’re better off with the Hauer 77 as a secondary shotgun. 

Combat Knife

Combat Knife black opsThe only reason why the knife isn’t in D-Tier is simply that you can run faster with it in your hands. 




Magnum Black Ops

While the Dual Wield Magnums are enjoyable, there are really no redeeming qualities about this pistol.


m79 weapon black ops
(Picture: Treyarch)

Good luck trying to get this Gold if you’re grinding for Dark Matter camo. 


(Picture: Treyarch)

Yes, it’s great for shooting down scorestreaks but you can accomplish that with the default RPD class.

Besides that, the Cigma-6 is just an awful weapon that doesn’t shoot straight.