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The best QBZ-83 loadout in Black Ops Cold War

The QBZ-83 is one of the more unknown weapons in Black Ops Cold War but that doesn't mean it can't put in some work in multiplayer.
The best QBZ-83 loadout in Black Ops Cold War
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War features some of the best weapon balance we've seen in years. Almost all of the weapons currently in the game are able to be used to great effect. There's truly not one weapon you can't kit out and be at a true disadvantage, depending on the map, of course. 

Although, this doesn't mean every weapon is used as much as the others in its category. The assault rifle class features some top tier weapons, like the XM4 and Krig-6. However, there's one gun unlocked a little later in the progression system that needs more attention. 

That weapon would be the QBZ-83, a Type 25 remodel. Consistent damage and fire rate makes this a solid gun but it's bogged down by the others in its class. Though, with the loadout below, you won't care how popular it is. 

Best QBZ-83 loadout in Black Ops Cold War

QBZ-83 Black Ops Cold War loadoutThe QBZ-83 is a solid, yet unpopular, weapon in the assault rifle category. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

While other guns in the AR class can work more like an SMG, the QBZ is suited better as a standard rifle. Its mobility isn't the best and it's featured attachments don't offer too much in the way of increasing that statistic. So for this loadout, we'll be focusing on buffing its range, accuracy, and damage. 

  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Barrel: 15.5" Paratrooper
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip 
  • Handle: Impact Handle
  • Stock: Commando Assembly 

As you can see, no attachment impacts mobility, giving you more of a tactical rifle than anything. However, this is where the QBZ-83 excels, as it can still dominate the medium-range gunfights while shooting lasers at long-range. 

You're best-served being more of an anchor with this loadout than an objective player. Staying back, earning those at-range kills is the best way to play with the above attachments. Of course, if you really want to play back, we recommend replacing the Microflex LED optic with one of the 2x or 3x scopes.