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CoD: Black Ops Cold War - Best XM4 Loadout

Check out how to best equip your Assault Rifle in the Black Ops Cold War Alpha, which is sure to be one of the most sought weapons in the entire game.
CoD: Black Ops Cold War - Best XM4 Loadout
With the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Alpha in full swing for PS4 users, players are starting to discover not only the best weapons to get the job done but also the loadouts to get the most out of them.

One of the most talked-about guns so far has been the XM4 Assault Rifle, a fully automatic 30-round per Mag killing machine.

As the Alpha is trying to showcase the loadout system of Cold War as much as the maps or game modes, players have the option to fully customise their arsenal, with YouTuber Paradoxx explaining what he believes are the best tools to use the XM4 to its maximum potential. 


Best XM4 Loadout in Black Ops Cold War

XM4 Cold War Black Ops

According to Paradoxx, this is what you want to run with your gun:

  • Optic: Millstop Reflex
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 13.5" Paratrooper
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip
  • Magazine: 40 Rd Speed Mag

The Millstop Reflex reticle helps allows for a better view while aiming down sights, comparing it to other optics which may obstruct the vision when using them. 

While the Agency Suppressor takes away from the muzzle velocity, effective damage range, and even horizontal recoil control, the fact that it allows players to become virtually invisible to the mini-map while firing is possibly one of the best perks an attachment has to offer in the whole game.

To compensate for the loss of effective damage range with the Agency Suppressor, pick up the Paratrooper barrel offers an outstanding 100% increase, meanwhile, the Foregrip helps with the loss in horizontal recoil control by adding a 15% increase.
Finally, the 40 Rd Speed Mag adds better reload speed, ammo capacity, starting ammo, and magazine size.

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