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CoD: What are the Best World War II Ranked Play Class Setups?

Get an edge on your opponents.
We often see questionable class choices at the lower ranks of Call of Duty: World War II Ranked Play. For example: not using Mountain for silent footsteps in Search and Destroy, or – god forbid – snipers in respawn game types. The classes listed below offer the best chance to stay on top of the meta and get an edge on your opponents. Table of Contents

- Respawn game modes – protection from grenades is key - In Search and Destroy, silence is golden

Respawn game modes – protection from grenades is key

In the respawn game types, you have to prioritise protecting yourself from grenades, especially as you look to play the objective. Grenades in this game are incredibly powerful and, particularly in Hardpoint where the hill will regularly be inundated with sticky and frag grenades. To counter this, we suggest the following: WW2 Class Setup 1 The PPSH is clearly the best submachine gun in the game, with professional and casual players alike opting to use it ahead of other popular choices such as the MP40 and M1928 (or Thompson as it is commonly called). With a good shot and a bit of luck, you can wipe people out across the map, and the grip only serves to accentuate this. Hunker is what is most important in this class, though. With so many grenades flying at you it is imperative to keep protected, and Hunker does a good job of reducing explosive damage. You could also used the Armored division to do this, though that negates the SMG-centric effects of using Airborne.

The Machine Pistol with Extended Mags is always my secondary weapon of choice,  and the sticky bomb my grenade of choice. This will carry through all of my classes. If you prefer to use an Assault Rifle to shut down lanes and hold down spawns, the following might suit you better: WW2 Class Setup 1 The STG is the weapon of choice here, though with the assault rifles regularly being fine-tuned, there are quite a few viable options. We opt for the Reflex Sight, coupled with Advanced Rifling on all our assault rifles to maximise the potential to win long-range gunfights. Once again, Hunker is used to protect us from grenades, but if you don’t need to compete around the objective too much you can sit back and slay your opponents with an alternative Basic Training such as Primed or Scoped. However, Hunker is always recommended, especially in Hardpoint. The BAR and FG42 are both great weapons as well but suffer from having a bit more recoil than the STG. The M1 Garand is also an incredible semi-automatic weapon but is quite difficult to use unless your accuracy is always on point. For Capture the Flag, we would recommend objective players swapping out Hunker for Inconspicuous, reducing the footstep sounds that plague the game and give away your position.

In Search and Destroy, silence is golden

In the Search and Destroy gametype, you need to minimise your potential of being heard. That’s why we opt with the Mountain Division on everything. This negates the sound of your footsteps as well as making you invisible to enemy Scorestreaks, which are both essential in this gametype. Besides that, there aren’t any major changes we make between our respawn classes and our search and destroy classes. However, we do often swap out Hunker, especially as we learn where not to run so as to avoid grenades. We tend to go with the following: Class Setup 3 Using Energetic makes up for the lack of Airborne on this class, but as you can see, we keep everything the same. Finally, no search and destroy setup is complete without a competent sniper; in this case, the Kar98k is the only viable choice. Class Setup 4 Once again, Mountain and Machine Pistols are necessary, as well as whichever lethal grenade you prefer. As for basic training, we go with Scoped. It reduces weapon sway and allows the user to move faster when aiming down sights. As for attachments, FMJ is great since so many walls in WWII are quite thin, and ballistic calibration reduces weapon sway further. This will be great on maps like USS Texas where you can easily get an early advantage sniping enemy players across the outside lanes.
Although we recommend these classes, we further recommend trying a range of things to see what works best for you. However, the class loadouts outlined above are near-essential in Ranked Play and would recommend employing them regularly if you’re not sure what to use. You May Also Be Interested In:


Written by GINX redaction

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