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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile 2022 AR tier list - Every assault rifle ranked from best to worst for Season 1

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1's "Heist" update features the brand-new Kilo 141 AR to shake up the meta. So, here is our list of the best assault rifles to use in COD Mobile Season 1 2022.
Call of Duty: Mobile's first season of 2022 has arrived and boasts two brand-new functional weapons, including the Kilo 141 assault rifle and PPSh-41 submachine gun. While introducing these new guns is sure to shake up the meta, developers Activision also released weapon balance changes to the QXR, AMR, PP19, DR-H and D13.

Beyond this, the latest patch update also introduced another new battle pass, along with three unique game modes, Heist, Payout Search and Destroy and Red Envelope Kill Confirmed. There are also brand-new multiplayer maps and a host of gameplay adjustments.

Of course, players will now be rushing to find the strongest and most broken assault rifles to use at the start of 2022. Fortunately, we have them covered with our assault rifle tier list for COD Mobile Season 1 2022. So, without any further ado, here is our list of the best assault rifles in COD Mobile, ranked from best to worst.

COD Mobile Season 1 2022 Assault Rifle tier list

If you didn't know, assault rifles are all-purpose guns and are the most-used class in the game. Additionally, weapons can be tailored to various use cases depending on the attachments and loadout.

AR gun tier list cod call of duty mobile 2022 season 1 heist
COD Mobile Season 1 "Heist" 2022 assault rifle tier list.

Note: Our tier lists are not an exact science; however, we do strive to make our AR list as accurate as humanly possible.

Description of the tiers

  • S-Tier: Even without the perfect loadout, the S-Tier assault rifles in COD Mobile Season 1 2022 are considered the best of the best. You can't go wrong with these meta weapons.
  • A-Tier: With the right attachments and a great loadout that suits your playstyle, the A-Tier assault rifles can compete with the S-Tier.
  • B-Tier: These ARs can still pack a punch with the perfect loadout and should be considered average.
  • C-Tier: Weapons in this tier are only effective in specific situations or for particular playstyles. You will require the perfect loadout to get the job done.
  • D-Tier: The trash tier. You would be better off simply going for one of the other assault rifles on this list.

AR tier list

There's a total of 21 assault rifles in COD Mobile, including the newly introduced Kilo 141. However, in COD Mobile Season 1 2022, only the DR-H received balance changes.

Followingly, we have reranked all the assault rifles from best to worst, taking into consideration balance changes for both weapons and attachments, as well as the current meta.

S-tier ARs:

strongest assault rifle cod mobile season 1 2022 AR tier list
The Type 25 assault rifle is the strongest AR in COD Mobile Season 1 2022.

The Type 25 assault rifle has surged in popularity and is still considered a meta weapon in COD Mobile Season 1 2022. The gun boasts a fantastic fire rate and damage, making it a lethal encounter in close quarters, particularly when paired with the Stopping Power Reload attachment.

The DR-H also moves into our meta picks for Season 1, following a few balance changes to close and medium ranges. The gun also received a buff to its tactical and empty magazine reload times, reducing from 2.3 - 2.1 seconds and 2.8 - 2.5 seconds, respectively.

Notably, the developers also adjusted the acceleration of the M13 to match the weapon's running speed, which continues to be a powerhouse in the game.

A-tier ARs:

assault rifle gun tier list cod mobile season 1 heist 2022
The Man-O-War is among the A-tier assault rifles in COD Mobile Season 1 2022.

These weapons are near equivalents to our S-tier weapons and certainly pack a punch. For example, the Man-O-War was previously regarded as the strongest and most broken assault rifle in previous COD Mobile seasons given its serious damage, low recoil and superior accuracy.

While the weapon hasn't received much significant nerfs, other S-tier guns have dethroned it in its class. The same can be said about other A-tier guns, like the Swordfish, KN44 and AK-117.

B-tier ARs:

COD call of duty mobile season 1 2022 Kilo 141 assault rifle tier
The Kilo 141 is one of the new weapons arriving with the first COD Mobile Season of 2022.

The Kilo 141 is one of the fully automatic assault rifles with an extended optic to enhance the headshot effect. It has a moderate damage output, an average rate of fire and a convertible drum magazine at baseline. Since we have yet to assess its performance fully, we've put the Kilo 141 in the B-tier, although we might adjust its ranking further into the season.

C-tier ARs:

cod mobile assault rifle tier list
Players should use the HBRa3 assault rifle circumstantially.
  • HBRa3
  • ICR-1
  • FR.556

D-tier ARs:

m16 cod mobile season 1 2022
The M16 is the worst assault rifle in COD Mobile.
  • M4
  • M16

We encourage players to avoid using the M4 and M16 this season since there are simply far better options to use.

That completes our list of the best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile Season 1 2022, ranked from best to worst. If you disagree with our ranking, then unlucky for you -- we don't care.


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All featured images are courtesy of Activision.