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How To Get Blood And How To Use It In Conan Exiles

The lands of Conan Exiles may be stained with blood, but this resource is used in alchemy and sorcery, as we've detailed how to get it in-game.
How To Get Blood And How To Use It In Conan Exiles

Blood is an essential part of life, whether in life or death, as it has a great power amongst every human, animal, and creature. It's a valuable resource for crafting and conjuring sorceries and other dark magical beings should you wish to learn and gain knowledge in sorcery.

While higher variants of blood like Sacrificial and Demon Blood are in high demand, making standard blood less important, it's still worth knowing how to acquire it in-game. We've explained in this comprehensive guide how to get and use blood in Conan Exiles.

How To Get Blood In Conan Exiles?

Blood is a resource found throughout The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, as death is not far behind. While blood spilled on the grounds may signify death, it can be a valuable resource, especially when practicing alchemy and sorcery, and is harvested in various ways.

conan exiles resources guide blood how to get defeating enemies looting remain bones
You can gain blood by placing human, animal, or creature remains in the Fluid Press to extract blood. (Picture: Funcom)

Nevertheless, when it comes to acquiring blood, this can be done in two ways: by defeating the Blood Defiler found on the Isle of Siptah. This creature will only spawn in-game at the start and during a Maelstrom, which triggers when certain conditions have been met and summons this powerful occurrence in-game.

Another way of getting blood in Conan Exiles is by placing various items and resources through a Fluid Press and extracting it for blood. This can only be done with human, animal, and creature remains and bones, in which you will also receive other by-products such as bonemeal, bones, furs, hides, and pelts.

So, whenever you've defeated a human, animal, or creature in-game, loot the corpse for any remains and pass it through the Fluid Press to attain blood. Once you've collected enough blood, you can utilize this resource to produce various alchemical items and practice sorcery.

How To Use Blood In Conan Exiles?

conan exiles resources guide blood how to use sorcery tome of kurak thaumaturgy bench
Upgrade the Tome of Kurak using blood and other required materials at the Thaumaturgy Bench to unlock new sorceries and Abyssal Mounts. (Picture: Funcom)

As mentioned before, blood can be explicitly used for alchemy and sorcery; however, it's also used when producing various Warpaint furnishings and mixed with compost and Raw Ash to get Potent Compost. Only one consumable food requires blood to make Blood Sausage when cooking blood over a Bonfire, Campfire, or Charcoal Kiln.

In alchemy, it's used along with various ingredients to produce the Potion of Bestial Memory and Potion of Midnight at the Alchemist's Bench. Likewise, you can mix blood with gruel and bones to make Totemic Fodder which can then be fed to certain animals.

Most importantly, blood is essential when upgrading the Tome of Kurak and needing Sorcerous Spell Pages, Sacrificial Blood, Brimstone, and other materials. Upgrading the Tome will unlock various sorceries, abilities, and Abyssal Mounts, which can only be done at the Thaumaturgy Bench.

And that completes this guide on getting blood in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel KiahOnFire for the complete breakdown of acquiring blood in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.