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PES Next Gen, Worms Rumble and others (15.07.2020)
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PES Next Gen, Worms Rumble and others (15.07.2020)

The best of what happened in the esports and gaming spheres over the last couple of days now on #Crossfeed. Who wants to see more? In today's episode: 00:16 - S1mple Crazy 1v5! (c)s1mple 00:46 - PES Next Gen Teaser (c)Konami 01:30 - I'm done (c)HummysVRComedy 01:48 - That's why you should NOT text and drive (c)EsfandTV 02:40 - Dead but not Dead (c)Swagg 03:09 - Vehicle and player physics make a game so much fun (c)Reedit - u/A_Brutal_Potato