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<iframe src="https://www.ginx.tv/embed-player/954" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>
PES Next Gen, Worms Rumble and others (15.07.2020)

PES Next Gen, Worms Rumble and others (15.07.2020)

The best of what happened in the esports and gaming spheres over the last couple of days now on #Crossfeed. Who wants to see more? In today's episode: 00:16 - S1mple Crazy 1v5! (c)s1mple 00:46 - PES Next Gen Teaser (c)Konami 01:30 - I'm done (c)HummysVRComedy 01:48 - That's why you should NOT text and drive (c)EsfandTV 02:40 - Dead but not Dead (c)Swagg 03:09 - Vehicle and player physics make a game so much fun (c)Reedit - u/A_Brutal_Potato

Published: Wednesday 15, 2020

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