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Echo Fox invester denies accusations of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor

Echo Fox investor Amit Raizada, who has been embroiled in controversy surrounding his use of racist slurs towards Twin Galaxies CEO Jace Hall and other members of the Echo Fox organisation, has had accusations dug up of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor dating back to the mid-1990's.

On Thursday, August 1, Rick Fox's son, Kyle, tweeted out a screenshot of a criminal history page pertaining to Raizada accusing him of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor on October 27, 1996.


Kyle explains that unlawful sexual conduct with a minor is defined as a person who is 18 or older, "knowingly or recklessly engaging in sexual conduct with another person who is 13 years old but less than 16".

Rick also made his thoughts on the situation clear in a follow-up tweet.


"Racism is one thing but preying on children is something else entirely - I’m horrified I didn’t know this sooner - There are women in my life who have suffered from crimes like this - I am angry beyond belief".

Shortly after Fox's tweet started to find traction, Raizada was forced to respond to defend his name.


"This old charge was a case of mistaken identity. As soon as I learned of it, the case was dismissed. Once again, @RickFox and his family are distorting the truth in their deceitful campaign against me and the other shareholders of Echo Fox. Shame on them."

Of course, it's impossible to tell which party is telling the truth, but the side of justice certainly sits opposing Raizada, who has not made a good name for himself in recent months.

This story will be updated if and when any more information comes out.

Jacob Hale

Jacob Hale

Written by GINX redaction

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