The worst weapons & equipment in Fortnite: Battle Royale

The worst weapons & equipment in Fortnite: Battle Royale
Last week we published a guide to the five weapons and equipment you want to be picking up at all costs, as when used correctly, they’re the most effective killing tools in the game. That means one thing though… some weapons must be bad, right? There are definitely a few items and weapons you want to avoid picking up if at all possible. To make that easier, we’ve put together list of the worst five weapons and equipment in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (Epic or Legendary)

Semi Automatic Sniper

While the Bolt-Action Sniper is one of the best weapons in the game, the Semi-Auto is a poor excuse for a sniper. The legendary variant does a measly 66 damage for a body shot and is nearly always incapable of killing someone at full health and shield with a headshot. Its strength lies in its fire rate, being able to dispense 10 bullets in quick succession is good, but after one shot the enemy will be building some cover and taking shots back at you, so headshotting them with the Bolt-Action is always a better option.

Suppressed Submachine Gun (Common, Uncommon or Rare)

Suppressed SMG

At the start of this season, the suppressed submachine gun was infamous for being almost incapable of killing anyone. Epic have since buffed the weapon so it’s not as much of a death sentence if it’s the only gun you land on at the start of a game, but it’s still far from a solid choice. The common variant is the one you’ll nearly always come across and it only deals 17 damage per shot with a fire rate of 9, far less than the tactical SMG. It’s less stealthy, but look for one of those if possible because it’s outright better.

Boogie Bomb (Rare)

Boogie Bomb

When the Boogie Bomb was released, it was incredible. It lasted for ages, shooting players wouldn’t interrupt the dance and everyone would take one at all costs because it essentially won the fight as long as you could hit your shots. Since then though, it’s been nerfed into oblivion: the radius is much smaller, almost to the point where you need a direct hit on your target, it’s one of the only items in the game that can affect your teammates, and the dance is over before you know it. You’re much better off replacing it with any of the other throwables, especially Clinger Grenades or Remote Explosive.

Revolver (Common, Uncommon or Rare)


It’s hard to describe just how poor the Revolver is. It has a base damage of 54 but the fire rate is only 0.6, meaning by the time you’ve shot the gun twice you’ve felt the pain of two shotgun shells to the face and you’re already spectating your predator. It takes 2.4 seconds to reload so finding a Revolver at the start of a game is even worse than finding a common Pistol. The Hand Cannon variant of the Revolver, also known as the Desert Eagle, improves the weapon class somewhat but it only fills a niche role so while it’s not a bad weapon, it’s tough to advise taking it over most other weapon classes.

Port-A-Fort (Epic)


Despite being one of the coolest items in the game, the Port-A-Fort simply isn’t practical when it takes up an inventory slot. Building a quick base with your own materials isn’t difficult and with practice you can build very quickly, so the Port-A-Fort becomes a waste of space to hang on to. Once you become confident at building quickly, the only use a Port-A-Fort serves is to troll your teammates, or quickly throw long distances to create future cover for you if you plan on sticking around in an area. Both of which require using it straight away so you can quickly pick up something else for your permanent inventory. It does make an awesome noise when you throw it though, so that’s something.