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We're hiring! Associate producer wanted

We are looking to recruit an associate producer to partner with a producer on the production of some of our shows. Examples of these are a daily 12-minute news show and live tournaments, as well as the production of weekend live event coverage and various studio-based entertainment shows. We are an early-stage company and as such the role will be multi-faceted and very hands-on. You’ll learn how to operate vision mixing equipment, set up the studio, defining the show’s story or helping with set design. We are looking to bring someone on board with a strong esports and gaming knowledge to help our producers tell the right stories. Production experience is helpful but not necessary. What you don’t know, we will help you learn! Responsibilities
  • Assist the producers throughout the production process
  • Keep up to date on esports games, teams, events and general happenings
  • Help inform the story of each show
  • Work closely with our post-production, community and editorial teams and communicate production plans company-wide when necessary
  • Help book talent and venues
  • Learn to manage the gallery during live feeds and produce live tournaments
  • Embed social and digital content in the production process
  • Build relationships with TO’s and games-publishers and establish direct links with their production arms
  • Coordinate with the technical team around necessary resources and equipment
Email [email protected] with your CV and cover letter to apply.

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