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How To Get Ship Customization Parts for Free in No Man’s Sky Orbital

Ship customization parts are pretty expensive in No Man's Sky, so we've figured out a way to farm these components for free.
How To Get Ship Customization Parts for Free in No Man’s Sky Orbital
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The Ship Customization feature is finally here with the arrival of No Man's Sky Orbital update. However, the game requires you to spend a ton of Salvage Data if you want to acquire the ship customization parts, which is inarguably a tedious task. Thankfully, I've discovered an alternative way to get ship customization parts for free, and it's going to save you a ton of units.

How to Obtain Free Ship Customization Components in No Man’s Sky

The traditional way to get ship parts in No Man's Sky is by buying all the ships in the space station and dismantling them. However, this method is not only costly, but you'll also run out of units pretty quickly.

Visit the Anomaly and Unlock the Minotaur Geobay

Minotaur Geobay No Man_s Sky

So, how do we get the actual parts for free? Well, we need to visit the Anomaly. Once inside the Anomaly, head over to the research station and make sure to unlock the Minotaur Geobay. You can also unlock the submarine if you're interested, but for our purposes, the Minotaur Geobay is the way to go.

Locate a Distress Signal and Find the Ship

Miner Radar Array No Man_s Sky

Next, go to the Exocraft research and unlock the Miner Radar Array. Once you've done that, head back to the planet and install the Miner Radar Array. Now, you can use these tool to locate a distress signal.

When you see it has located a crash site, just reload a restore point and scan again for another distress signal. Keep doing this until you find the distress signal you're looking for, and then hop into your ship and head over to it.

Distress Signal No Man_s Sky

Once you reach the distress signal, you'll find a ship floating there. All you need to do is claim the ship and then proceed to fix it so that you can use it. It's important to note that not every distress signal will lead to a ship, but when it does, you're in luck. 

Repair the Ship and Scrap It To Get Free Customization Parts

Free Customization Parts No Man_s Sky

The final step after claiming a ship is repairing the damaged components and scrapping to get free customization parts. After scrapping the ship, you can choose which part you want to keep.

Whether it's the wings or the engine, you have the freedom to pick and choose based on your customization needs. This method allows you to collect as many ships as you want and scrap them all at once, giving you access to a wide range of customization parts without spending a single unit.

For instance, if you come across a fighter ship that you don't need, you can scrap it for parts. It might cost 8 million units initially, but since you claimed it for free, it's essentially a free source of ship customization parts. Just make sure to fix each part before scrapping it.

So there you have it – a simple and free way to get ship customization parts in No Man's Sky. Not only will this method save you a significant amount of units, but it also gives you the freedom to customize your ships exactly how you want them.

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