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When Is The Next No Man’s Sky Expedition?

No Man’s Sky Expeditions is a game mode that lets you join a shared journey with other players. Learn when the next expedition begins and how to participate.
When Is The Next No Man’s Sky Expedition?
Hello Games

On the lookout for when is the next Expedition in No Man's Sky? You're in the right place. The popular survival game has hosted several Expeditions since the game mode was introduced in update 3.3. Players experienced the Pioneers Expedition, the inaugural event that prompted them to discover exceptional worlds and conquer planetary peaks.

So far, Hello Games has held over eight Expeditions in No Man's Sky, and the list will continue to evolve with the release of new seasonal updates. If you want to look at the upcoming No Man's Sky Expedition schedule, your search ends here.

What Are Expeditions in No Man's Sky

Here's all you need to know about Expeditions in No Man's Sky
Here's all you need to know about Expeditions in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky Expeditions are limited-time game modes that were introduced in update 3.3. Each Expedition starts from a fixed point in the universe and brings the whole community of travelers together to embark on a shared journey.

The Expeditions are structured around a series of milestones, which are unique exploration goals that can be completed in any order. Completing these challenges awards new items and exclusive rewards. Expeditions are typically only available for six weeks, and they are a great way to explore new landscapes and get new items.

All Expeditions So Far in No Man's Sky

Here is a table that shows all the expeditions so far in No Man’s Sky, along with their start and end dates:

Expedition Title Start Date End Date
The Pioneers 2021-03-31 2021-05-16
Beachhead 2021-05-17 2021-05-31
Cartographers 2021-09-08 2021-10-17
Emergence 2021-10-20 2021-11-22
Exobiology 2022-02-24 2022-04-04
The Blighted 2022-04-14 2022-05-22
Leviathan 2022-05-25 2022-07-05
Polestar 2022-07-27 2022-09-11
Utopia 2023-02-22 2023-04-04
Singularity 2023-06-08 2023-07-12
Voyagers 2023-08-31 2023-10-16

When Does Next Expedition Release in No Man's Sky

The current No Man's Sky Expedition will end on
34 days, 16:41:52

As of September 2023, the Voyagers expedition is in full swing, and it's set to conclude on October 16, 2023. However, there has been no official announcement from Hello Games regarding the release of a new Expedition in No Man's Sky.

No Man’s Sky launches new Expeditions every few months, allowing players to explore the galaxy with a fresh start and unique rewards. The start date of the next Expedition is unknown, but players can keep an eye on the official No Man’s Sky website and social media channels for any announcements.

To check for an active Expedition in-game, players can select New Game and look for the “Community” option.

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