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Palia: The Best Fishing Tools And Foods

Fish to your heart's content by getting these tools and top food picks to gain buffs to make fishing easier and level the Fishing Skill in Palia.
Palia: The Best Fishing Tools And Foods
(Picture: Singualrity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Fishing Skill is by far one of the most widely used Skills and is incredibly beneficial as a stable income source in Palia. It has a delightful Guild Master, the pebble enthusiast Galdur named Einar, who has a treasure trove of items, recipes, and blueprints that players can obtain using Gold and Skill Medals.

When using this Skill for quests or exploration, a few items stand out from the pack to make players’ time fishing less stressful, more engaging, and significantly rewarding. We’ve gathered our top picks for the best fishing buff foods to eat and viable tools to use on the next fishing expedition in Palia.

What Are The Best Foods For The Fishing Skill In Palia?

Unlike the Bug Catching Skill, Fishing has a few consumables or food items that can grant various fishing buffs once consumed. This will make fishing much easier and more efficient, especially if players want to catch specific rarities or types of fish; however, these buffs last for a limited time.

It’s worth pointing out that these buffs can stack if there are different buffs, as the same type of buffs won’t stack, so let the buff deplete before eating again to gain that buff. Do note that players will also receive Focus Points when consuming these foods, so as for which foods are worth having for their buffs and accessibility, we’ve listed some of our favorites to have in the Inventory:

Fisherman’s Brew

palia skills guide fishing skill best foods to eat fishermans brew buff minor fishing crosshair size
Brew together Emerald Carpet Moss and Crystal Lake Lotus over the Campfire to receive three Fisherman's Brews. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

One of the first consumables players will be able to acquire the Fisherman’s Brew, which will grant players 100 Focus Points and a minor buff that increases the fishing crosshair size when fishing. The recipe for this fishy brew can be acquired from Einar’s Fishing Guild Store for 1,000 Gold, which can be crafted over the Campfire using Emerald Carpet Moss and Crystal Lake Lotus.

However, there is an attachment that further increases the fishing crosshair size; however, players will need to level their Fishing Skill for this to be available from Einar. We recommend using the Fisherman’s Brew in the early game as they’re leveling this Skill until they can earn Skill Medals to purchase this specific attachment.


palia skills guide fishing skill best foods to eat sashimi buff minor rod recovery rate
Boost the fishing rod's health recovery rate by eating slivers of raw fish in the Sashimi dish. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Sashimi and Sushi recipes have been documented to be arduous for players to get, given how challenging it is to fish for them. During our playthrough, we found it slightly easier to fish for the Sashimi recipe, which we’ve acquired after 40+ successful catches players are to consume the recipe before being able to prepare the dish at the Prep Station and Standard Stove.

The recipe can be obtained when fishing at any of the rivers in Bahari Bay, including the Flooded Fortress and Thorny Thicket, using no bait. Nevertheless, once the dish is prepared, eating Sashimi also gives players 100 Focus Points and a buff that boosts the recovery rate of their fishing rod, regardless of its upgrades.


palia skills guide fishing skill best foods to eat sushi buff major fishing rod health hp
Slightly spiced with that unique fishy scent and taste, Sushi can significantly boost the fishing rod's health. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As mentioned before, Sashimi and Sushi recipes can be acquired when fishing; however, this recipe requires plenty of time, patience, and plenty of fish caught. Like with the Sashimi recipe, players must consume it before it’s available to prepare at the Prep Station using the required ingredients to receive the final dish.

When eating Sushi, it will give players 300 Focus Points along with its buff that increases their fishing rod health or HP over time. We highly recommend obtaining this recipe, despite how difficult it is to get it, for its Focus and HP buffs and the ingredients should be easy to find, but do store plenty of Dari Cloves as they’ll need this vital ingredient.

What Are The Best Tools For The Fishing Skill In Palia?

From the best foods to eat to get fishing buffs to the best tools and equipment, the Fishing Skill has a variety of items, like fishing hook booster and bobbers, to make their time fishing more seamless. However, a few items are worth acquiring or investing in, especially as players continue to level up their Fishing Skill in the mid to late game.

Let’s take a look at our picks for the best and optimal tools and equipment to use when fishing in Palia:

Glow Worms

palia skills guide fishing skill best tools glow worms glow worm farm hopper celebration cake
Various dishes will increase the Glow Worm output when placed into the Glow Worm Farm Hopper before using them to fish for Rare and Epic quality fish. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The single best investment players can make, Glow Worms are highly prized and greatly used, especially when fishing for higher rarity fish. Glow Worms can be quickly produced by buying the blueprint for the Glow Worm Farm from Einar for 2,000 Gold before crafting the farm and placing it on their Housing plot.

As for what items can be placed into the Hopper of the Glow Worm Farm, we found that putting Poke Bowl, Chaapa Masala, and Celebration Cake gives players the most Glow Worms, which can be increased if they’re Star-Quality. While Sushi can also give players plenty of Glow Worms, it’s best to use the Sushi to boost players’ fishing rod HP and use some of our recommendations instead.

Major Safe Zone Size Booster

palia skills guide fishing skill best tools major safe zone size booster hook major fishing crosshair size
Increase the size of the fishing zone by equipping the Major Safe Zone Size Booster attachment purchased from Einar. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

We’ve mentioned that Fisherman’s Brew grants a buff that increases the fishing crosshair size; however, there is a fishing booster attachment that further boosts this. The Major Safe Zone Size Booster is this specific tool that can be equipped to their fishing rod from the Inventory menu, but it does have an HP that depletes with each use.

The Major Safe Zone Size Booster can only be acquired once they’ve reached Fishing Level 10 and higher, where they can start earning Fishing Skill Medals from completing Weekly Challenges. They’ll need the Skill Medals to purchase this item from Einar’s Fishing Guild Store, which costs five Skill Medals for one booster and has a larger fishing crosshair when reeling in the fish.

Some other noteworthy recommendations to make fishing much more manageable but not ideal include Trout Dinner, Major Rod Recovery Booster, and the Tuning Fork. Trout Dinner greatly makes the hook time much shorter when fishing; however, given how difficult it is to fish for trout, an essential ingredient required to make this dish, we recommended picking up the Major Hook Time Booster from Einar.

The Major Rod Recovery Booster can be prioritized over Sashimi; however, players only have one slot for a booster item, so they’ll need to decide if they want a larger fishing size or an increased recovery rate. Lastly, if players are starting in Palia, the Tuning Fork can be valuable if they’re unfamiliar with the best fishing spots to catch Rare and Epic quality fish.

Veteran players would memorize these locations in the mid to late game, so the Tuning Fork won’t be helpful to them. This item is therefore recommended for the early game and new players, especially those joining on the Nintendo Switch, and this can be acquired by getting the blueprint from Einar for 2,000 Gold before crafting it and activating it to track Rare and Epic quality fish for 15 minutes.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.