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How To Complete Palia Dire Circumstances Quest

Help Kenli using the clues given to track down his missing sandwich somewhere around the village in the Dire Circumstances quest in Palia.
How To Complete Palia Dire Circumstances Quest

Kilima Village's mayor, Kenli, is a jolly villager with a kind-hearted nature and a boisterous laugh, making him an approachable character to speak to. However, this demeanor changes as he appears to be in distress when you meet up with him, prompting you to attempt to calm him down.

He reveals that he lost a sandwich on his rounds around Kilima Village and can't seem to remember when last he had it, and it's up to you to help him find it. This guide explains how to find the missing sandwich for the Dire Circumstances quest in Palia.

Palia Dire Circumstances Quest Objective List

palia quests guide dire circumstances quest objectives find missing sandwich
Kenli is distressed as he can't find his delicious sandwich and needs your help. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Help! The mayor, Kenli, has lost his delicious sandwich and needs help tracking it down; however, he can’t remember the last time he saw it. Using the clues provided to you and your knowledge of the open-world environments, you must locate the missing sandwich and bring it back before it gets soggy, so let’s look at the quest objectives for the Dire Circumstances quest in Palia:

  1. Find Kenli’s lost sandwich
  2. Return the sandwich to Kenli

How To Complete The Dire Circumstances Quest In Palia?

So, Kenli, the mayor of Killima Village, has misplaced his sandwich and seems deeply distressed over its disappearance. When speaking to him, he pleads with you to help him locate the missing sandwich using the clues he provided during his chats with you.

palia quests guide dire circumstances how to find missing sandwich map location phoenix falls
Using Kenli's clues, you can track down the missing sandwich in an area nearby Phoenix Falls. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Kenli's clue reveals that he “left it somewhere in the shade near flowers and a waterfall.” This location should be recognizable as the only one with shaded areas with plenty of flowers and a waterfall as a backdrop near Phoenix Falls.

Phoenix Falls is where you started your adventures in the tutorial quest and advancing Jina’s questline; you should take the path past Chayne’s home and head towards the wooden bridge. Right before the bridge, look to your right, where you’ll find a gazebo, and if you take a peek inside, you’ll find a basket with the mayor’s missing sandwich.

With the basket collected, safely transport the missing sandwich back to Kenli, who could either be at City Hall or Ormuu’s Horn Inn at night. After informing Kenli that his missing sandwich has been found, you can safely hand over the meal, and in return, he’ll award you 15 Renown and 300 Gold.