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Where To Change The Face Cover In Palia

Masks have arrived to Palia for a new Premium Outfit bundle, which players can opt to have equipped or unequipped to their character.
Where To Change The Face Cover In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6)

Developer Singularity 6 successfully launched Palia, available from the Epic Games Store, alongside the v0.171 patch update. A new functionality was included in this update about the game’s customization feature, allowing players to add or remove a particular accessory.

This coincides with the release of new Premium Outfits, in which The Masked Doctor added a mask accessory that can be removed. Whether they wish to go faceless or reveal their true self to friends, they can learn how to change the Face Cover mask option in Palia.

How To Change The Face Cover In Palia?

The v0.171 patch update arrived to Palia on 24th October 2023, alongside the game’s official release via the Epic Games Store on PC. While the cozy MMO may still be in its Open Beta run, players grabbing the game from Epic’s digital storefront will have access to the same content, including the latest additions, akin to the game’s standard game launcher.

The update added three new Premium Outfits, which can be accessed from the Premium Store, which includes the Featured Outfit, The Masked Doctor. This outfit bundle, containing three unique outfits, all come with a mask accessory, which Singularity 6 added the functionality to change the mask accessory.

palia customization guide where to how to change face cover mask accessory wardrobe user interface ui menu
Locate the Wardrobe to access the customization menu where players can equip or unequip a Face Cover or mask. (Picture: Singularity 6)

As there are more mask accessories to come with the inclusion of new Premium Outfits, players can have it equipped or unequipped. To achieve this, players must have the outfit equipped before going to their Wardrobe to access its UI or can change it once the Wardrobe UI appears on-screen.

Scroll through the options horizontally until the Face Cover option is highlighted, and players can successfully change their face mask option or have it unequipped. The Wardrobe is central to character customization as they can change their in-game appearance from various options and filters.

They can find all purchased Premium Outfits, which they can change to fit their mood, and can also turn their Palcat companion on or off. Lastly, they will find Glider options, which they can choose from the quest item received during the Like A Bird quest or the reward Glider from the Refer-A-Friend Program.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch, releasing Holiday Season 2023.