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Palia: How To Complete The Fruits Of The Earth Bundle

Delectable and fruity, the Fruits of the Earth bundle will fill up the bellies of the new vault, so here's how to find all the bundle items in Palia.
Palia: How To Complete The Fruits Of The Earth Bundle
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Following the launch of the v0.178 patch update, which saw a plethora of content added to the cozy MMO Palia, Palians have eagerly anticipated the release of the next temple, the Temple of Roots. As such, they must progress with the temple questline to unlock a new vault featuring four more bundles, including the Fruits of the Earth bundle.

This bundle will task them to utilize various Skills, from Bug Catching to Foraging, to acquire four unique items, which are then added to the bundle to unlock rewards. We've detailed everything about the Fruits of the Earth, including all required items and how to find them in Palia.

How To Find All The Fruits Of The Earth Bundle Items In Palia?

Fruits of the Earth is one of four new bundles Palians can unlock after completing the Secret Depths quest by learning all the secrets to discover and finishing the Temple of Roots questline. Despite a mysterious object crashing into the Night Sky Temple, they have new vault bundles to explore and collect items for before donating them to these bundles.

Aside from the Rootseeker's bundle, this bundle should be straightforward for them to complete if they have the required items within their Inventory and storage chests. This bundle primarily features foraging and cooking items, which are pretty accessible to get their hands on; we've detailed all the items needed for this vault bundle and how to get them as described below:

  • Apple: As they require 100 Apples to contribute to this bundle, they can acquire Apples by getting Apple Tree Seeds from the Friendship quests Nobody Won and Magical Mystery Machine. They can also buy the Apple Tree Seed from Badruu's Gardening Guild Store for 280 Skill Medals before growing them in soil.
  • Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms: The recipe for Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms is found on the kitchen table at the Daiya Farmhouse. Before making the dish, use Butter, Mushrooms, Red Meat, Spice Sprouts, and Tomatoes, as only one dish is needed for the bundle.
  • Brightshroom: Brightshrooms can grow near ancient structures, ruins, and temples found in Bahari Bay, as they'll need to forage 20 Brightshrooms for the bundle.
  • Muujin Bahari: The recipe for Muujin Bahari is obtained during the Your Order Is Served quest, which we've detailed in this guide. They only need to prepare one dish before donating it to this bundle.

Once they've acquired all the items and their correct quantities, they can return to the Night Sky Temple in Kilima Village, interact with the Vault of the Roots, and locate the Fruits of the Earth bundle. Contribute all the items required to complete the bundle, and as a reward, they'll receive the Stuffed Tomatoes recipe to add to the growing collection of cooking recipes.