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Where To Get The Hot Hounds Recipe In Palia

Hot dog! The popular street food has made its way to Palia with its own Palian twist, so here's where to find the Hot Hounds recipe in Palia.
Where To Get The Hot Hounds Recipe In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Hot dogs are one of the most globally recognizable street food, which has found its way to Palia with its unique twist known as Hot Hounds. While initially added to the game in the version 0.168 patch update, players have reported this recipe missing or unavailable, which the developer, Singularity 6, finally included in the 0.169 update.

With the recipe added to the game, players can begin collecting ingredients and acquiring the recipe, but where can it be found? Luckily for players, we know a particular miner who has a clue on how to get the Hot Hounds recipe in Palia.

How To Find The Hot Hounds Recipe In Palia?

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The Hot Hounds recipe should finally be available for players to get in the latest game update for Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Following player reports after the release of the v0.168 update for Palia, in which many players cited that a few recipes were missing, developer Singularity 6 has released them in the 0.169 update. Along with the Crab Gumbo recipe, the Hot Hounds recipe is now available for players to find and gather the ingredients required to prep and cook the dish.

Like the Crab Gumbo recipe, players must search Kilima Village to acquire this recipe, which cannot be purchased from Reth’s Cooking Guild Store using Gold or Cooking Skill Medals. But players must have boosted their Friendship with Hodari to reach Level 3 Friendship to receive a key to his room at his home in Bahari Bay.

With the key in hand, search near the crates in the right corner of his room, where you’ll find the recipe for Leta’s Hot Hounds, a Palian twist on the popular street food Hot Dogs. As such, you must collect the ingredients listed on the recipe, which can be hunted, grown, or purchased from Zeki or Badruu.

palia cooking guide recipes hot hounds how to get where to find hodairs home bahari bay
Reach Level 3 Friendship with Hodari to receive his room key, where you'll find the Hot Hounds recipe. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

If you’re wondering what ingredients are required to prepare and make Hot Hounds, we’ve provided the complete ingredient list below:

  • Any Red Meat (Chapaa or Sernuk) x1
  • Oil x1
  • Onion x1
  • Spicy Peppers x1

Preparing Hot Hounds is relatively simple as you’ll need a Prep Station and a Standard Stove or higher to cook the dish successfully. At the Prep Station, you’ll need to prepare the meat, onion, and peppers to get Chopped Meat, Onion, and Spicy Peppers before adding all the ingredients to a hot pan with oil before flipping them together to receive three Hot Hounds.

This dish can be proudly displayed on the Dining Table along with other delicious meals, including the Crab Gumbo for your friends to enjoy. If you consume this meal, it will grant you 262 Focus Points, and it can be sold via the Shipping Bin on your housing plot for 46 Gold per dish.