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Where To Find The Hotpot Mini Game In Palia

The Hotpot mini-game introduced for the Maji Market: Luna New Year event will become a permanent feature, so here's where to find it in Palia.
Where To Find The Hotpot Mini Game In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6)

The next patch update for the cozy MMO Palia will be coming soon, as developer Singularity 6 has detailed what to expect in their latest Dev Update post. Labeled as the "Economy Update," this update will see sweeping balance changes and adjustments to the game's economy and add new content and features. 

One new feature will become a permanent gameplay staple, introduced for the Maji Market: Luna New Year event, marking the return of the Hotpot Card mini-game. As such, we have explained in this guide where, in the open world, players can find the Hotpot Card mini-game in Palia.

How To Find The Hotpot Mini Game In Palia?

As mentioned before, developer Singularity 6 announced a new permanent gameplay feature that will arrive in-game in the upcoming 0.180 patch update. The Hotpot Card mini-game introduced as part of the Maji Market: Luna New Year festivities in the 0.176 patch update in January 2024 will become a permanent gameplay feature alongside the Obstacle Course and the Heavy Metal Chapaa arcade machines.

While details are minimal at best, there is some additional lore to their inclusion; however, "don't ask Zeki how he got them." Additionally, it's unclear what rewards they can earn for winning a Hotpot Card mini-game, which we'll detail in this guide once the developer provides more information.

The gameplay mechanics players experienced during the Maji Market: Luna New Year event is likely the same, as we've detailed in a separate guide here. Nevertheless, as Zeki is responsible for making the Hotpot Card mini-game a permanent gameplay feature, we can confirm how players can locate these hotpots in the open world.

The Hotpot Card mini-game can be found at Zeki's Underground Black Market, which can be found in Kilima Village by locating The Sewers entrance at Remembrance Beach, pulling the loose book from a bookcase at Zeki's General Store, or exiting Reth's Storeroom at Ormuu's Horn Inn. Based on the image supplied by the developer, the Hotpot Card mini-game will be situated near Reth's Bar towards the back of the Underground, making it easy to find in-game.

Singularity 6 has yet to confirm the maintenance period for the forthcoming update arriving soon to Palia. Likewise, the release date for the 0.180 patch update has yet to be announced as of this writing, and we'll provide all these details and more once the information becomes available.