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Palia Quest Guide: How To Solve The Open The Door Riddle

Help Jina complete the riddles by locating the clues in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay and earn the key to solve the Open the Door puzzle in Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Solve The Open The Door Riddle
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Friendship system has seen players form bonds with fellow villagers and, once reaching a specific level, can ask one villager to become their Shepp in Palia. Jina is one of the villagers many have befriended and, in a few cases, formed a romantic relationship, but this option can be unlocked after reaching Friendship Level 3 and receiving a new quest.

The Open the Door quest is the Friendship Level 3 quest, and once completed, they’ll receive Jina’s Key and can further their friendship or progress to romancing her. Whichever option they decide, we’ve detailed in this guide how to solve and complete the Open the Door quest in Palia.

Palia Open The Door Quest Objective List

This quest will require some sleuthing and a decent knowledge of the topography of Kilima Village, which will help you solve the clues promptly. This quest is connected to particular ruins in Kilima Village that players have yet to explore; however, this is a Friendship quest, and they will unlock the opportunity to romance Jina if she is a partner you wish to woo.

palia quests guide open the door how to complete ques objectives how to solve third riddle oyster locations map locations bahari bay
Players can find Unopened Oysters along the coastal region of Bahari Bay. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Nevertheless, you will want to know what objectives to meet to complete this quest, which we've detailed below for the players' convenience:

  1. Solve the first riddle
  2. Solve the second riddle
  3. Solve the third riddle

How To Solve The Open The Door Riddle In Palia?

This quest is a Friendship Level 3 quest for Jina and, as such, will be triggered once players have increased their Friendship with her. It will be activated after reading the letter she mailed to your Mailbox, and you can begin by speaking with her regarding the letter's contents.

She'll discuss the first riddle, which is as follows: "There is a house. One enters it knowing all and leaves knowing nothing." Players will receive two options as possible answers, for which the obvious answer is a school, and you'll need to wait to speak with Jina again.

When speaking to Jina for a second time, she'll provide you with another riddle to solve, as the first answer triggered a glowing effect on some runes. The second riddle will look as follows: "The key you hold shows a thirst for knowledge, but the next clue for entering these hallowed doors requires a thirst for something more."

If you remember the Ancient Battery riddle, you'll remember that the answer for this was water, which is a clue to finding the answer to this riddle. As this concern with ruins, you can speak with Hekla and Einar for some hints, which Einar may provide you with another clue.

palia quests guide open the door how to complete how to solve second riddle village fountain
The clue to solving the second clue will lead you to the village fountain in Kilima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Located the statue at the center of Kilima Village, which was previously a fountain, and interacted with it to receive the third and final riddle. Speak with Jina to discuss your recent discovery and the third riddle, which the clue reads as follows:

"In figuring out the clue rests in this fountain, you deserve much congratulations. But gaining entrance to the library requires passing but one final test. You must find a stone that represents the sands of time. Slip that gem into the hilt of your key, and you shall have your revelry."

The "stone," which represents "the sands of time" referred to in the riddle, is, in fact, a pearl, and pearls are found within Unopened Oysters located in Bahari Bay. Head to the coastal areas of Bahari Bay, whether it be Beachcomber Cove, Coral Shores, or Lighthouse Lagoon, where you can find plenty of oysters, and you'll need to open them until you've found a pearl.

With the pearl in your possession, you can place it in the key slot, which completes the Open the Door quest in Palia, and players will receive one Gold, 25 Renown, Spice Sporuts, and Jina's Key, which open the door to the Mirror Pond Ruins. Wait for some time, as Jina will send you a letter with the chance of getting Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms in the post.