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Palia Romance Guide: All Romanceable Villager NPCs & How To Unlock

Put your heart on your sleeve and profess your love for these lovable Villager NPCs by learning how to unlock the Romance option in Palia.
Palia Romance Guide: All Romanceable Villager NPCs & How To Unlock
(Picture: Singularity 6)

Players can live out their dream village life in Singularity 6’s cozy MMO, Palia, by building their home, participating in various activities, and getting acquainted with the Villagers that populate Kilima Village and neighboring Bahari Bay. Likewise, getting to know their neighbors will increase their Friendship levels by conversing with them, completing quests, and finishing their Weekly Want requests.

For a few Villagers, however, they will have an option unlocked for players to pursue romantic relationships to deepen their bonds with them. We’ve detailed which Villager NPCs are romanceable and how to unlock the Romance option in Palia.

Who Are All The Romanceable Villager NPCs In Palia?

With the v0.170 patch update to add massive changes to the Romance system in Palia, the cozy MMO will add another popular Villager for players to romance. As the head of the Mining Guild in Kilima Village, Hodari will finally open his heart to potential suitors as he joins the growing list of romanceable characters in Palia.

As such, with Hodari's inclusion, there are ten Villagers for players to unlock their Romance path and woo until they've obtained their Romance pin. We've listed all the Villager NPCs players can romance in Palia as of the v0.170 patch update:

  • Einar
  • Hassian
  • Hodari
  • Jel
  • Jina
  • Kenyatta
  • Nai'o
  • Reth
  • Tamala
  • Tish

How To Unlock The Romance Option In Palia?

Unlocking the Romance path for the Villager NPCs listed above is relatively straightforward; however, achieving this takes plenty of time. Players must befriend the Villager NPC to increase their Friendship level by speaking with them, completing their quests, and fulfilling their Weekly Wants request.

palia social features guide romance all romanceable villager npcs flow chart
All the Villagers players can befriend and explore romantic relationships with in Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Players continue with the abovementioned method to earn increased Friendship XP until they reach Level 3 with the Villager NPC. While some Villagers aren't romanceable and can progress with their Friendship through subsequent quests, the Villagers listed above have a separate path seen below their Friendship path, accessible from the Character Menu.

Along with a key they'll receive at Level 3 Friendship, gaining access to locked areas, they can begin to romance them by gifting them a Heartdrop Lily or a Box of Chocolates. The Heartdrop Lily can be foraged in Bahari Bay at night, while the Box of Chocolates can be bought for 200 Gold from Zeki's General Store.

Should they accept the sweet gift, the Romance path will become active for players to increase by doing various tasks, but it's important to note that players can have several romances active. Similarly to increasing Friendship levels, players must complete multiple to increase the Romance level and gain new information about the character's backstory.

palia social features guide romance all romanceable villager npcs gifting box of chocolates heartdrop lily einar this pleases me
Advance your romantic pursuits by gifting a Heartdrop Lily or a Box of Chocolate to increase your Romance level. (Picture: Singularity 6)

This includes gifting them a Heartdrop Lily or a Box of Chocolates, completing their quests, and regularly speaking to them through a new dialogue option, Flirting. Gifting a Heartdrop Lily or a Box of Chocolates is considered a Daily Gift, significantly increasing the Romance level, so use your Daily Gift wisely.

Players must reach the max Romance Level at Level 3 to obtain a Romance Pin from your beloved, which can be equipped for your character. They must complete the Romance Level 3 quest to receive the Romance Pin, which players can acquire as many pins as possible.

However, players can only have two Romance Pins equipped at any given time, and it will grant you unique dialogue options with other Villagers in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. Upon receiving your first Romance Pin, this unlocks the in-game Achievement or Accomplishment, What Brings Us Together, and they can earn 30 Renown for unlocking this Accomplishment.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch, releasing Holiday Season 2023.