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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Trapped In Time Quest

How much wood do players need to chop to find the Amber Fossil, which starts the Trapped in Time quest? Find out more in this guide for Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Trapped In Time Quest
(PIcture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Get lost in time as players may have discovered an Amber Fossil forged from trees in the Trapped in Time quest. As this is a Found Item quest, this may be picked while farming a specific tree native to Bahari Bay, and they’ll need to explore its objectives to decide the fate of this fossil.

While it’s not guaranteed they’ll find this fossil on their first try, they’ll need to chop down as many trees as possible for the quest item to be added to their Inventory. So, make a leaf and branch their way to Bahari Bay, as we’ve explained all the quest objectives and how to complete the Trapped in Time quest for Palia.

Palia Trapped In Time Quest Objectives List

This Found Item quest will have players using the Foraging skill to chop down specific trees in Bahari Bay to find the quest item needed to trigger this questline. Additionally, Jina and a few other Villagers will be involved as players will be left with a difficult decision on how they choose to use the quest item before the quest ends.

palia quest guide trapped in time quest objectives inventory amber fossil quest item heartwood trees
The Amber fossil contains the well-preserved remains of the Sunshade Leafhopper after Jina identified it. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

We’ll discuss this choice players will make and provide what is possibly the best option we’ve chosen to claim the rewards upon the quest’s completion. Nevertheless, let’s go over the quest objectives that will guide players in completing the Trapped in Time quest for Palia:

  1. Bring the amber fossil to Jina for identification
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. Give the amber fossil to Auni
    2. Give the fossil to Elouisa.
    3. Give the fossil to Jina
    4. Give the fossil to Tamala
    5. Give the fossil to Zeki

How To Complete The Trapped In Time Quest In Palia?

As mentioned, Trapped in Time is a Found Item quest players can find when chopping down large Heartwood trees in Bahari Bay. We’ve chosen to head to the clearing between the Ancient Aquaduct and the Flooded Steps that spawns the most Heartwood trees and begun chopping the large ones with slightly narrow trunks to find the Amber Fossil quest item.

With the quest active, find Jina either at Mirror Pond Ruins or the village library, for which players can immediately give her the fossil or speak to Auni, Elouisa, Tamala, and Zeki to hear what they have to say. Eloiusa and Jina will offer Star-Quality items as rewards, and Tamala will give players Gold as rewards, for which we opted not to give the fossil to Tamala, and she’s the only Villager who will provide one chance to decide.

Depending on which personality type response is selected when speaking to Auni and Zeki, this will influence the rewards players may receive from Auni and Zeki. Zeki, like Tamala, will also give them Gold as a reward with a 50 Gold bonus based on which personality type response is selected.

palia quest guide trapped in time how to complete amber fossil gift villagers elouisa
Each Villager offers unique rewards, but it's left to the players to decide who to give the Amber fossil to. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

We’ve listed all the rewards players can receive from Auni, Elouisa, Jina, Tamala, and Zeki to help them decide which Villager to give the Amber fossil to:

Villager: Rewards:
  • Cactus Moray x1 (Air)
  • 10 Gold (Earth)
  • Apple Jam, x1, Apple Pie x1 and Blueberry Pie x1 (Fire)
  • Green Pearl x1 (Water)
  • Duskwing Butterfly (Star-Quality) x1
  • Garden Leafhopper (Star-Quality) x1
  • Leafstalker Mantis (Star-Quality) x1
Jina Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms (Star-Quality) x1
Tamala 800 Gold
  • 600 Gold + 50 Gold (Air)
  • 700 Gold + 50 Gold (Earth)
  • 600 Gold + 50 Gold (Fire)
  • 500 Gold + 50 Gold (Water)

As players can see, Jina perhaps gives the least favorable reward as they would have already found the recipe on the kitchen counter of the Daiyaa Family Home, which is an Uncommon rarity dish. While Tamala offers more Gold than Zeki despite giving players one chance to decide, players would have discovered better ways to earn Gold fast in-game, which rules out giving the fossil to Jina, Tamala, and Zeki.

Auni may offer some interesting rewards depending on the personality type responses provided; however, all items can be acquired through quests, purchased from various Villagers, or using their Skill to forage, fish, or cook. On the other hand, Elouisa offers rewards that are hard to find due to their rarity, and as such, we gave the Amber fossil to Elouisa instead.

Once they’ve decided, this completes the quest, for which they’ll also receive five Renown upon its completion. Lastly, speak with Jina after the quest ends to inform her of their decision; while she’s pretty saddened, she expresses that she intends to apply for a permit in the hopes of finding more Amber fossils in Bahari Bay.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch this Holiday Season 2023.