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Where To Find & Use Sernuk Hide In Palia

With plenty of Sernuk roaming Killima Village and Bahari Bay, hunting them lets you acquire leather if you know how to process it in Palia.
Where To Find & Use Sernuk Hide In Palia

Palia features a robust biodiversity where players can find various items to forage, mine, and hunt to be utilized in cooking and crafting. The latter is the case when exploring the open-world environments where you may encounter unique creatures native to Kilima Village and Bahari Bay.

The Sernuk is one of many creatures you’ll encounter, and when hunting them, you can loot antlers, meat, and their hide. We’ve provided a detailed guide to Sernuk Hide, including the best hunting locations and how to use them in Palia.

Best Locations To Find Sernuk In Palia

Upon exploring Kilima Village and neighboring Bahari Bay, players will find plenty of wildlife that also calls these areas home. More specifically, various types of Chapaas and Sernuk can be seen roaming the rolling hills and open grassy plains, which can be hunted to claim various items.

palia resources guide sernuk hide how to find where to find map locations whispering banks kilima village
Head to the Whispering Banks to find plenty of Sernuk roaming the area. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

To hunt Sernuk in Kilima Village, you must head to the Whispering Banks, where plenty of Sernuk roam around the plains and near the cliffs stretching towards Fisherman’s Lagoon. But if you’re exploring Bahari Bay, you will find rarer breeds of Sernuk, like the Proudhorn Sernuk, near Tamala’s House and around Pavel Mines, where the latter is a great spot for farming Pallium Ores.

Additionally, you’ll need to have a bow and a handful of arrows crafted and equipped, as you’ll need them to hunt down Sernuk. You’ll want to get your hands on the Standard and Slowdown Arrows as Sernuk tend to run away from you after landing a hit on them, and the Slowdown Arrows will prevent them from running away.

How To Get & Use Sernuk Hide In Palia?

With a bow and plenty of arrows at your dispersal, you can set off for the Whispering Banks or Pavel Mines to obtain Sernuk Meat and Hide. More specifically, the latter is used in crafting when it is utilized in crafting various furniture and decor items, but you’ll need to refine them into leather.

palia resources guide sernuk hide how to get how to use fabric loom leather furniture making skill
Place the Sernuk Hide on the Hopper within the Fabric Loom to treat it to obtain leather. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

But to successfully treat Sernuk Hide into Leather, you’ll need the Fabric Loom, which the recipe can be purchased from Tish at her furniture store or when chatting to her during her daily walks. Aside from the furniture store, she can also be found at Jel’s tailor store, so do check in to find her there.

The recipe for the Fabric Loom costs 100 Gold, and have reached Level 2 in the Furniture Making skill for this to be available. You can proceed to craft the Fabric Loom at your Worktable and place it on your housing plot using the following resources:

With it crafted and placed, you can interact with the Fabric Loom to process Sernuk Hide into leather, as one hide equates to one piece of leather. From there, you can use it in various furniture items, decor pieces, and tools like the Standard Belt and Worm Farm, but remember to grab the recipes before crafting.